Who is The 2014 St. Louis Sportsperson of The Year?

Brendan Marks, Mon, 29 Dec 2014 23:42:00 GMT

Editor’s Note: As the year wraps up, we’ll do some looking back here on insideSTL.com. It’s a tradition we started in 2010. For the purpose of the discussion, even if you hate Missouri or hate Illinois, the scope of the St. Louis sports scene extends from as far west as Columbia, Missouri to as far to the east as Champaign, Illinois. We’ll include the Cardinals, Rams, Blues, Missouri, Illinois, and Saint Louis University.

To refresh your memory, or if you’re a new reader of insideSTL.com and weren’t checking out the site this time last year, one of the categories for The insideSTL Year-End Awards is the St. Louis Sportsperson of the Year.

We’ve narrowed down the nominations and today, we want to know what you think.
Your votes as listeners of CBS Sports 920 and readers of insideSTL.com will help determine the answers. The combination of your votes and ours at the station and website what and who will win.

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