Week Eight of The Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill Picks of The Week

Tim McKernan, Fri, 30 Oct 2015 03:00:00 GMT

Week Eight of The Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill Picks of The Week

Well, we’re 50 games into the season, and I’ve gotten 20 right against the spread.

My opponent, the wonderful @ProdJoe, has gotten 22 correct.

This is a pathetic operation.

The one thing I am taking pride in is that after my horrendous start, I’ve righted the ship on element of this annual competition I care most about: the Locks of The Week.

After starting out 0-2 on Locks (and 4-12 overall), I’ve won 4 of the last 5 Locks of The Week. So, bet against me on my non-locks, and get on the train with the locks.

Here’s a look at the standings through the first seven weeks:

Producer Joe: 22-28 (2-5 Last Week)/4-3 Locks of The Week (0-1 Last Week)

Tim: 20-30 (4-3 Last Week)/4-3 Locks of The Week (1-0 Last Week)

Congratulations to Tyler Roper for winning Week Seven of The Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill Picks of The Week. He ships a $25 gift certificate to Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill.

No Missouri game this weekend, which is merciful both from a wagering perspective (I think I’ve only gotten the UConn game right, and who could forget the UConn game) and from a good thing we don’t have to watch Missouri try and score a touchdown perspective.


, Beware The Rammies.

Georgia at Florida (-3)

Producer Joe: Georgia still has a chance to win the SEC East, and therefore I suppose they still have a chance to win the National Championship if a bunch of things break their way. So, I still have a chance to cash my ticket on them. With that in mind, I have no choice but to pick them to win this weekend. If they lose though, the heat is really going to be on Richt. That’s not a terrible thing. Seems like a win-win for me. Pick: Georgia (+3)

Tim: This strikes me as potential free money. Pick: Florida (-3)

Notre Dame (-10.5) at Temple

Producer Joe: This is the only Top 25 match-up this week. With the exception of one weekend, October has been absolute garbage for college football this year. The good news is that November is going to be fantastic for the most part. I don’t believe that I have ever picked the Irish in our little contest here. That doesn’t change this weekend. Pick: Temple (+10.5)

Tim: The Wonderful @ProdJoe probably figured I’d be taking Notre Dame here. We’ve been doing this long enough to know that a) we’ll be picking a Georgia game each week like this website’s name is insideATL, and b) he’ll be picking against Notre Dame. However, this week, I think Temple covers in a game that may be the biggest in their program’s history. Pick: Temple (+10.5)

Ole Miss (-7.5) at Auburn

Producer Joe: The streak of taking points this weekend in college this weekend continues. Pick: Auburn (+7.5)

Tim: Producer Joe is taking points. Very sharp of him, considering he is Mr. Square. War Damn. Pick: Auburn (+7.5)

49ers at Rams (-8.5)

Producer Joe: The last time the Rams were at least 8.5 point favorites in a game was over 2 years ago (6 October 2013) against the Jags. I just can’t pull the trigger and lay that big of a number on the Rams at this point. This is the test for this team, can they get over the .500

hurdle in a game that they should win against a team they should handle? I just don’t have faith in something that I haven’t seen. Pick: 49ers (+8.5)

Tim: Beware. The. Rammies. Pick: Rams (-8.5)

Bengals (“1) at Steelers

Producer Joe: Since we make these picks on Thursday and we don’t know 100% for sure whether or not Big Ben is playing, I can’t pick against Cincy. Hell, I think I would still take the Bengals if I knew for sure that Big Ben was playing. In that scenario I think the Bengalswould be getting points. Pick: Bengals (-1)

Tim: Big Ben is back. Pick: Steelers (+1)

Packers (-3) at Broncos

Producer Joe: Two undefeated teams. The road team is the favorite? Bizarre. Taking the points even though the Denver offense hasn’t been good at all this season. I trust their defense. Pick: Broncos (+3)

Tim: The Broncos’ exposure begins. Pick: Packers (-3)

Locks of The Week

Producer Joe: South Carolina at Texas A&M (-16.5): I do not feel bad laying 2+ TDs here. Pick: Texas A & M (-16.5)

Tim: Miami-FL at Duke (-11): New coach. New U. Pick: Miami-FL (+11)

Now’s your chance to participate in the fun and games. Pick the six games we picked and select your own Lock of The Week using the latest spreads from scoresandodds.com. Give the tiebreaker of the total points for the Rams and 49ers. Whoever does the best wins a $25 gift certificate to Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill.