Week 21 of The Wheelhouse Football Picks of The Week

Congratulations to Edward Lourie, who wins a $20 gift certificate to The Wheelhouse after going 4-0 last week and winning on the tiebreaker.

Here are the results after 20 weeks (with Jared starting after two weeks):

Tim: Last week 3-1 / 69-60 overall / 4-14 Locks of the Week
Producer Joe: 4-0 / 67-62 overall / 7-11 Locks of the Week
Jared: 3-1 / 64-51 overall / 11-6 Locks of the Week

And here are this week’s games and picks (we will continue the Wheelhouse Picks of the Week through the end of the NFL Conference Championships):

Packers @ Falcons -5

Producer Joe: Packers (+5)

Jared: Packers (+5)

Tim: Falcons (-5)falcons-fan

Packers @ Falcons – Total: 60.5

Producer Joe: Over 60.5

Jared: Over 60.5

Tim: Under 60.5

Steelers @ Patriots -6

Producer Joe: Patriots (-6)

Jared: Steelers (+6)

Tim: Patriots (-6)

Steelers @ Patriots – Total: 50

Producer Joe: Over 50

Jared: Over 50

Tim: Under 50

Now’s your chance to participate in the fun and games. Pick the games we picked using the latest spreads from scoresandodds.com, and email them to POTW@insidestl.com. Give the total points of the Packers-Falcons NFC Championship Game for your tiebreaker. Whoever does the best wins a $20 gift certificate to The Wheelhouse.