Week 19 of The Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill Picks of The Week

Tim McKernan, Fri, 15 Jan 2016 14:00:00 GMT

Week 19 of The Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill Picks of The Week

Down the stretch we come,

, and we’ve got a battle on our hands, Jackie Papers.

After a 3-2 week last week for me and a 2-3 week last week for Producer Joe, our two horrible years have collided to create a thrilling finish.

Here’s a look at the standings:

Producer Joe: 56-68 Overall (1-4 Last Week)/6-11 Locks of The Week

Tim: 55-69 Overall (3-2 Last Week)/7-10 Locks of The Week

With my win on Locks this year, I have the tiebreaker.

The fact that someone will win this competition is an insult to gamblers everywhere, as I cannot even come close to .500. Nonetheless, the 2006 Cardinals won the World Series with 83 wins in the regular season, and I shall try and pick these remaining seven games with the same glory that Jeff Weaver and David Eckstein used while getting Sidney Ponson a World Series ring, six months after he was let go.

Congratulations to Chop Chop Chicky who shipped the $25 gift certificate to Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill by going 4-1 last week.

And now, in the name of Larry Bigbie, I shall run the table.

Chiefs at Patriots (-5)

Producer Joe: I love the fact that is number is under a TD because I have zero faith in the Chiefs (moreso Andy Reid) to be able to win a huge game on the road against the best QB of this generation. I’m sorry, I am sure folks are loving the Chiefs because of the injury concerns in New England…fine. I am personally laying off this game until near kick hoping this number will move even lower for the Pats. I just won’t bet against Brady, at home, against the fucking Chiefs. Pick: Patriots (-5)

Tim: Pick: Chiefs (+5)

Packers at Cardinals (-7)

Producer Joe: If I were ranking all the games this weekend 1-4, this is definitely getting the 4. Not that I won’t be interested in watching the game, it’s just that the Packers are losing another weapon on offense with Adams & I don’t think they have enough to match-up with Arizona. The score just a few weeks ago looks super-lopsided even if you take away the 2 defensive TD’s from AZ. But, I do worry about the fact that the number is a full TD and extra point. The Cardinals are the better team top to bottom and I have to lay the points, don’t like it (the Cardinals are prime for a two game tease with the Steelers this weekend) but will lay the points. Pick: Cardinals (-7)

Tim: Pick: Packers (+7)

Seahawks at Panthers (-2.5)

Producer Joe: Have loved the Seahawks for months. Still love the Seahawks here. I worry about the match-up with Greg Olsen for the Seahawks, but I can’t wager against the two time defending NFC Champion. Pick: Seahawks (+2.5)

Tim: Pick: Panthers (-2.5)

Steelers at Broncos (-7)

Producer Joe: I think the Broncos probably win outright but I can’t lay this big of a number with the Steelers offense. Pick: Steelers (+7)

Tim: Pick: Steelers (+7)

Now it’s your turn to partake in the fun and games. Pick the four games we picked and give the total points of the Seahawks-Panthers as your tiebreaker. Whoever does the best wins a $25 gift certificate to Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill.