Week 17 of The Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill Picks of The Week

Tim McKernan, Wed, 30 Dec 2015 14:19:00 GMT

Week 17 of The Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill Picks of The Week

Well, we had a couple weeks of a return to the glory days.

But, like Jeff Weaver emerging for a couple of weeks of brilliance in October 2006, inevitably, I went back to who I was.

For two weeks, I was 11-3.

And then, back to earth I crashed.

2-5 this past week.

So, here’s what we’re looking at now:

Producer Joe: 51-61 Overall (3-4 Last Week)/Locks of The Week: 5-11 Overall (0-1 Last Week)

Tim: 48-64 Overall (2-5 Last Week)/Locks of The Week: 7-9 Overall (0-1 Last Week)

So disgusting.

Congratulations to the winners of our first-ever tie: Rusty Mitchener and Mike8585. They both went 4-3 and had the total points of 40.

You gentlemen each win a $25 gift certificate to Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill.

Must. Right. The. Ship.

Game on.

Michigan State vs. Alabama (-10) (in Dallas)

producer joe: i am sure there are a quite a few guys that want to watch this game and are going to be stuck doing something with their significant other. i am lucky i am not in that situation and will be able to watch the game while others are at our house. but i can only imagine what will happen if this game is close and it gets close to 11:00 in st. louis. sure, it’s not midnight but for some reason people here want to watch a ball drop in another time zone. i don’t get it. either way, i think bama is going to handle their business this year. there is no way in the world that kiffin forgets about derrick henry in the playoffs against a big 10 team. bama has too much on the defensive side of the ball as well. there may a be a little sweating over a backdoor cover here though. i can see bama up by 14 late in the 4th with sparty driving for a meaningless td with under a minute remaining. i am not taking that chance. pick: michigan state (+10)

Tim: Pick: Michigan State (+10)

Oklahoma (-4) vs. Clemson (in Miami)

Producer Joe: I refuse to believe in Bob Stoops on a huge stage. I also refuse to believe that a team that lost to Texas this season can playoff for the National Championship. It just doesn’t pass the smell test. Oklahoma is slighty better defensively than North Carolina this year. Clemson hung 45 on the Tarheels. Clemson is going to score 4+ TDs here and I think that is enough to make sure they are on the right side of the number and I think they win outright. Pick: Clemson (+4)

Tim: Pick: Clemson (+4)

Rams (-3.5) at 49ers

Producer Joe: If the season ended right now, the Rams would be picking 18th. It hurts to type that because this isn’t a team that should be drafting that close to playoff teams. When they were sitting at 4-8 they were looking at a potential top 6 pick. The Rams don’t even know how to suck properly. I tweeted this on Sunday, but seeing the way they were playing for the majority of the first half against the Seahawks makes loses to Baltimore and Chicago even worse. Those teams aren’t any good. I wanted to include the Pittsburgh game as well, but Gurley wasn’t a part of the equation at that time. To make matters worse, at 18, the Rams aren’t probably going to draft a QB of the future. That means they probably go in 2016 with Mannion who hasn’t taken a meaningful snap all season and what? Nick Foles who they extended? Hope that Case Keenum is really the guy? It just sucks. I will be really happy if this team is playing in St. Louis in 2016 (and long term), but this team is going to lose players on the defense, still needs OL help, doesn’t have a legit #1 WR, and doesn’t appear to have a long term plan at QB. Ugh. Oh well, they face a dumpster fire this weekend. Still think they find a way to lose this one because it doesn’t make sense at all. Pick: 49ers (+3.5)

Tim: Pick: Rams (-3.5)

Vikings at Packers (-3.5)

Producer Joe: Are the Packers one of the most frustrating 10-5 teams in recent memory? Frustrating in the sense that they have one of the 4 best QB’s in the league and yet struggle to look anything like a dominating offense. I realize that losing Jordy Nelson has played a large role in it, but something just isn’t right with this team. But……I think they find a way to grind out a win this week and win the division. But I have zero faith in them in the playoffs. Pick: Packers (-3.5)

tim: pick: vikings (+3.5)

Seahawks at Cardinals (-4.5)

Producer Joe: Loved everything the Seahawks were doing prior to facing the Rams this past weekend. Love everything about the Cardinals, even without the Honey Badger. Seattle has a lot more to play for this weekend though and with some help from the Packers, the Seahawks can still get the 5 seed (meaning they get to face the Redskins). I think that is enough for them to find a way to cover the spread and probably win outright. Pick: Seahawks (+4.5)

Tim: Pick: Seahawks (+4.5)

Jets (-3) at Bills

Producer Joe: This game actually means something. The Jets will make the playoffs if they win (or get a Steelers loss). Ryan Fitzpatrick has the potential to lead a team to the postseason in the AFC East while the Rams sit at home again. Really. The Bills are a mess and I just don’t see it getting better this weekend. Pick: Jets (-3)

Tim: Pick: Bills (+3)

Locks of The Week

Producer Joe: Florida vs. Michigan (-4) (in Orlando): I have all the faith in the world in Jim Harbaugh. Pick: Michigan (-4)

Tim: Tennessee (-8.5) vs. Northwestern (in Tampa): Pick: Northwestern (+8.5)

Now’s your chance to participate in the fun and games. Pick the six games we picked and select your own Lock of The Week using the latest spreads from scoresandodds.com. Give the total points of the Rams and 49ers as your tiebreaker. Whoever does the best wins a $25 gift certificate to Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill.