Wednesday’s Show Synopsis………..

Ben Boyd, Thu, 22 May 2008 02:11:00 GMT

Wednesday's Show Synopsis



tim found a bud light lime under the desk in the studio, and the guys wonder if the big z brings beer to the show each day. cat said he believes jay jr. drinks during the show everyday……tim said he really likes the lime green color on the cap and bottle and that he really likes lime green popsicles. doug said lime green sometimes hints that something is radioactive….cat’s wife, who works for anheuser busch, brought home a case of mango mojito, which cat said they are going to enjoy this weekend. tim makes fun of him for looking forward to drinking a girly drink and said it sounds like he should be enjoying his mango mojito in the arms of a man.

Tim reads from both Michael Silver’s article about the Rams being for sale and owner Chip Rosenbloom’s statement. Cat said it may just be due diligence to see what the market value is and what their options are because they will have to pay taxes on the team…… The St. Louis Business Journal had an article on Friday stating that in the lease that brought the Rams here, improvements have to be made every 10 years that makes the Edward Jones Dome one of the top 8 stadiums in the league. The leaders of the St. Louis CVC, which is in charge of the dome, said that they won’t have enough money to make the kind of improvements needed, and it will probably be very difficult to get the financial support needed from the city/state. Barring a miracle, the Rams will have an out in 2015 and would be able to move out of St. Louis. The guys play clips from Michael Silver and Dan Dierdorf, who is chairman of the CVC from Tuesday’s Roll Home with Bernie Miklasz and Randy Karraker.

If the Rams leave, the Steamers would be willing to come back and fill the sports void in St. Louis according to Cat.

tim shoplifted a cassette from target on hampton back in the day, and cat lifted some peanut butter cups one time. doug is convinced it was just recently……doug stole jock itch medicine when he was 16 because he was too shy to buy it. doug advised to not wear a cup playing baseball because that is how he got jock itch……doug suggested building the stadium out of marshmallows, and if it doesn’t work out, everyone can eat it…..the guys try to figure out who has enough money in the area to be able to buy the rams, and they decide they should go to harry’s to scope out rich guys.

Bernie Miklasz:
Bernie comes on to discuss the Rams topic and the Roll Home yesterday. Bernie said that if you are a serious player to buy an NFL team you stay underground—You don’t call Michael Silver. Bernie said that after conversations he had last night, the Rams are not for sale, but Chip has taken calls inquiring about the team. Bernie thinks the Rams will be sold at some point down the road, but Chip will find a good fit, and not just sell to some yahoo…..Bernie said there is no way that the dome will be brought up to the league standards because it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars, and it is hard to believe that there would be much financial support from the public since the Cardinals couldn’t get much funding for their new stadium…..The guys think it is unusual that there is no local ownership in any of the professional teams in St. Louis, and they try to figure out if anyone locally has the kind of money to buy them.

Cat’s Pajamas:

just think, gary bennett could’ve been yadier’s backup. bennett is with the dodgers, and actually said he has a mental block which affects him throwing the ball back to the pitcher……“city schools get it.” gateway high had a student who was receiving grades but who in reality had been in school in oklahoma for almost 2 months……clinton supporters are now playing the sexist card, and cat is wondering if people are going to use the race card with barack obama.

Tim said he is an Obama fan, but the guys agree that they don’t think he will win. Cat said he doesn’t like Obama or McCain and would vote for Doug if he ran, but tim thinks both men are good candidates…..

Brian McMurtry:
The Executive Director of the St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports complex joined the guys to talk about the issues with the Rams Dome. When the Rams came to St. Louis there were 2 measurement dates agreed to in the lease that in 2005 and 2015….At the 10 year mark, the CVC and the Rams agreed to $30 million worth of improvements to the Dome by 2009. Some of those renovations have begun, including a new scoreboard….. There is also a proposal to improve the marquee on highway 70…….At the 20 year mark there are some huge stadiums coming on board so obviously the measuring stick is going to be tougher. There will be money there, but no one knows how much money will be needed and there won’t be a $30 million pot of money available…..The criteria for the stadium to be in the top 25% is a bit ambiguous, and each side will present their arguments and an arbiter will have do solve any disagreements.

Leftover Riff Raff:

Jeff Reardon wore a ski mask when he robbed the bank but his beard was sticking out…..
Cat once shoplifted peanut butter cups…..”Jock itch itches very much,” according to Doug…….Some people have gotten in trouble for interviewing people who didn’t know they were being interviewed……..Cat is going to call Michael Jackson to see if he would be interested in buying the Rams…. Ray King has 4 phones because he is a “business man.”…….Doug estimates around $400 million in taxes will be due from the Rosenblooms for acquiring the Rams from their mother.