Wednesday’s Show Synopsis…

Ben Boyd, Wed, 23 Jul 2008 16:13:00 GMT

Wednesday's Show Synopsis

Doug is still out of town so Jay is in again.

Tim has a summer cold, and got a Z pack from his doctor yesterday…..Cat broke down how you get a cold in the summer yesterday, but Tim didn’t trust him…..Cat said the same number of people who have seen the Loch Ness Monster have had summer colds…..Cat is now going to use the excuse from now on—“that was Buzz, not me”………

The guys are jealous of Martin for never getting married, and for his great jobs, and buckets of money……Most people aren’t as happy with their wives as Tim and Cat are with their wives……The percentage of people who are legitimately happily married is probably not real high, but the guys try to convince Tim that most guys would be upset if their wife left them…..Tim said that if a girl tries to force you to get married, you should leave her……West County women want to be married, not necessarily to the person they are with, they just want to be married….

Tony LaRussa yelled at Derrick Goold last night, and the guys played the sound from FSN……Derrick will be on the show in the 8 o’clock hour…..

Doug Vaughn:
Doug isn’t coaching little league baseball in Cooperstown; he is just a fan….Tim thinks it sounds like Dante’s Inferno……It has rained every single day on his trip……..Doug searched the internet for weeks for a cheap hotel and found one for $40, and the guys questioned if it would really be that great of a deal when he got up there……When he got to New York, the hotel was $420 a night. Doug and his wife argued that they had reserved one for $40 and no one knew what they were talking about. Doug called the website, and they said to pay what the hotel asked and the website would argue for them later…..Finally, the hotel agreed to give them the corporate rate, but it was still $250 a night…..New York is so incredibly crowded you can’t walk down the sidewalk without bumping into 50 people. You can’t turn around without getting run over…….They saw the Statue of Liberty and all the touristy stuff…..

doug’s wife stops and talks to everyone she sees, and someone told her there is a neat hawaiian restaurant near the hotel… turns out it was a hawaiian tropic restaurant, and a swimsuit contest breaks out while they are eating there……doug’s 12 year-old son’s eyes are as big as silver dollars….. doug’s rental car dies every time it idles……he was in the drive thru at mcdonalds and it died 12 times…….there are a lot of baby giraffes and raccoons in the house they are staying at because his wife is a furry….doug was under-whelmed by the baseball hall of fame…..about half of it is pictures and memorabilia from today’s teams, and the writers part is just a room in the back…… doug’s kids wanted something from the gift shop, but they didn’t get anything….doug has heard from his neighbors that his 18 year-old son who has been left on his own for the first time, has been throwing some parties…..the highlight of his trip is that he saw the hippo episode of the beverly hillbillies on the hotel tv……

Derrick Goold:
Derrick got yelled at by Tony LaRussa last night……Lohse had great stuff last night, especially against a lineup like the Brewers……The guys played Tony yelling from last night again…..Derrick said Tony told a joke after he yelled at him, and Derrick thinks that Tony was more upset because of the rivalry of the teams and the Cards could’ve taken the first two games, and now have to face two of the best pitchers in the league….
If they needed these two losses to tell them to make a trade, then what have they been watching? They have 24 losses like this……..Colby Rasmus hurt his knee last night when he checked his swing, and his dad posted on a message board that Colby is done for the year because he tore his MCL……

Cat’s Pajamas:
Strick Nasty gets a free Reactor Watch, but Cat never gets one…..Chris Carpenter starts Friday in Memphis, and FSN will have live coverage from Memphis during the Cardinals vs. Mets game……Joe Mather arrived at stadium by cab, and entered the stadium in the door so Cat asked him if he will stop sliding under the fence to get in. Joe said no because last time he got in that way, he homered……Cat likes listening to the Ryan Howard/ Jimmy Rollins remix of Take Me Out to the Ballgame……P Diddy usually provides inspiration on his YouTube videos…..He said that he was “running on the treadmill, and he was running, he was running, and he has 10 fingers and 10 toes”…….

Joe Strauss:
joe congratulated tim on his poker experience because this is the first time he has talked to him since……the brewers untuck their shirts now when they win, but strauss doesn’t know why they do it…..joe said that on tv it didn’t look like an exchange, but more like tony yelling at a buffoon reporter…..he said it was like tony didn’t want to talk about the bullpen so he yelled about it so no one else would ask about it…..joe said the cards need someone who could close like fuentes or sherrill, but they have to give up someone who they think is pretty good……the cards probably won’t trade jess todd because a lot of other clubs are high on him……he actually projects as just a middle reliever according to a lot of people, but most people don’t want to trade him because he was drafted last year and has moved up so quickly…..joe said that if the team doesn’t make a move by the deadline, a big chunk of the fan base will be pretty upset…..strauss said that losing games in similar ways night in and night out is starting to wear on tony, and joe said that he thinks tony would like some management types to start answering questions …….colby rasmus having a mcl rupture shuts him down for the olympics, shuts him down from coming up in september, and keeps him from being traded…..joe thinks the team has to make a move, and if they don’t there will be an uproar from the fans…..

Leftover Riff Raff:
Since the advent of the I-pod, people have been getting summer colds……The baseball Hall of Fame needs someone from Disney to come up and liven things up……Cat could’ve been in a boy band……Brett Favre should have had Greta Van Susteren contact the Vikings so he wouldn’t be investigated for tampering…..Cat felt bad that he missed Celebrity Family Feud……Team 1380 has had everyone on from the Celebrity Family Feud except for someone popular…..