Wednesday’s Show Synopsis….

Ben Boyd, Wed, 16 Jul 2008 16:17:00 GMT

Wednesday's Show Synopsis


KSDK’s Rene Knott filled in for Doug today…..Tim’s Captain’s Log goes like this—7:05: talk about me; 7:10: talk about me; 7:15: talk about me, etc……..Cat said that when he wanted Jim Edmonds to come on the FSN pre-game show when he came back in town, he replied right away and came on, but Tim can’t get him to come on the radio show……

cat talked about the all-star game—-jd drew as mvp—hillarious; dan uggla’s 3 errors—hilarious…..the guys couldn’t figure out if the boss was crying or not as he was going around the field last night before the game…..all the players coming out and giving him a smooch on the cheek like he was a mafia boss was cool…..rene said it was hard to walk away from the game and go to bed to be able to wake up for this show… thought the game was more interesting than “deadliest catch” last night which is a big deal because of how much cat loves watching that show…..ryan ludwick must’ve forgot his helmet. cat said they probably put brendan ryan in charge and he forgot to send the helmet to new york….

Rene is cultural and likes the Momma Mia version of Dancing Queen, but he doesn’t know the Communards…..Cat wants Rene to hold Tim’s hand or rub his back as they listen to the Communards….

Dallas Drake retired on his terms after winning the Cup last season….Cat said Drake was a human crash test dummy so it was great to see him play so long and finally win….

Growing up in St. Louis, every time kids would play soccer, the goalie would say that they were Slobo, and the guys are sorry to hear yesterday that he passed away….. Producer Joe is insulted that Rene doesn’t know about the Saturday soccer report….He felt pain after making a save playing in a 55 and up game in Seattle and went to the hospital…….

Doug Vaughn is panicking about getting around New York City, and then he is going to Cooperstown for vacation….He said he booked a 5 star hotel room for $40 a night in Manhattan, and the guys are worried about him because there is no way he found one that cheap….


The draw has decreased for the All-Star game, and Tim is trying to figure out why…..Rene said that the MLB All-Star game is the best one of the 4 major sports. Cat said that is because it is the game that is closest to the sports usual competition……The guys agree that home field advantage shouldn’t be decided by the All-Star game, and they take calls on the topic…..There is so much more to choose from on TV it doesn’t mean as much……There is no way to regulate strikes…..

Cat’s Pajamas:
matt holiday hit a homerun last night so cardinals fans will be super excited and want the cardinals to get him, but if you look at his stats, he isn’t as good of a hitter outside of colorado…….bo hart is 34 years-old, and he is playing in schaumberg, ill…..he said that he will retire at the end of this season…..banks folding, gas prices out of control? it doesn’t seem to affect president bush. his answer to if he sees the economy turning around—he doesn’t know because “he’s not an economist.”……survivor is coming to the argosy casino. cat said that eye of the tiger is the only hit they have. how does survivor get a billboard, when the show can’t get one?

There are 2 classifications of lemmings—uber lemmings and Super UBER lemmings…..Tim isn’t the voice of a generation; Cat’s impersonation of Doug is the voice of a generation.


They played the second part of the Brett Favre interview last night on Greta Van Susteren, and Brett said: “How am I supposed to trust that they are working on a trade? They may never tell us that a team is interested”…..Cat said the team should tell Aaron Rodgers that he is the QB of the future, but Brett wants to come back so they will have a competition to find the starter this year. The door should be open because of everything he has done in Green Bay and because of how well he played last year……Rene’s brother, Tyrone Knott, is the assistant wide receivers coach for the Packers and he will try to get him to call in…..

john mccain was at ted drewe’s last night and reportedly got a chocolate concrete ……he was at a $57,000 a couple dinner last night and then they all went to ted drewes.

Will Clark was supposed to join the program in the second segment, but they can’t get a hold of him, but Rene’s brother called him back.

Tyrone Knott:
Assistant wide receivers coach with the Green Bay Packers Ty Knott joined the show and didn’t have any comment on Rene lusting over Anna Kournikova……Ty said that he hopes everything works out with Brett Favre, but he doesn’t know about everything because he hasn’t been in the office, and they don’t go back to the office till next week…. Ty was at Brett’s press conference, but said he doesn’t really want to get involved because he doesn’t make the decisions…..Tyrone was on vacation and it was awkward for his own brother to put him on the spot on the air…..

Leftover Riff Raff:
Jim Edmonds once again blew off the show for the 15th time……Joe Buck was so biased against the Cardinals he said “uggggghhhhh” everytime he talked about the Cardinals ……Ryan Ludwick’s helmet wasn’t a Cardinals helmet, and they had to spray paint that one……Cat loves the Roman Stone Pavers…….Rene is in the 44 year-old club……Rene reacted real weird when the guys mentioned Anna Kournikova……Producer Joe is waving his finger is disappointment at Rene…..Tim said that there aren’t Uber lemmings…..Chris Moneymaker didn’t join the show today as scheduled……