Wednesday’s Show Synopsis…..

Ben Boyd, Wed, 09 Jul 2008 15:47:00 GMT

Wednesday's Show Synopsis


Jay Jr. and Andy Strickland fill in again for Tim and Cat, but Tim will be back tomorrow because he got knocked out of the World Series of Poker last night……The guys think the experience will be good for Tim, and Jay is curious to see if he will play in more tournaments.

just when you think the cardinals are in trouble, joel pineiro goes out and beats cole hamels in his first win since april 29……what a great way to start the road trip…..andy said that late in pineiro’s starts he always blows up at the end so he was happy to see that tony got him out of there……doug thinks they took mcclellan out too soon because he was blowing away everybody…..the cubs traded for rich harden yesterday. when rich harden is healthy, he is a great pitcher, but he isn’t healthy very often…….. andy strickland is very confident in mark mulder’s chances tonight. he thinks mark will throw 6 innings, but the other guys aren’t as confident…

The guys took a lot of calls about the Cardinals, and discussed trade possibilities…..They projected rotations if guys come back healthy this year and for next year with guys coming up from the minors……One caller suggested not going out after anyone now to save money in order to lock up Albert Pujols when he comes up for an extension.

Fans feel like the Cardinals don’t spend enough money when they really have a payroll of over $90 million……Doug thinks that payroll is reasonable.


Jim “Cat” Hayes:
Jim said that the win last night in Philly was huge because it was the first game of a tough road trip……..Doug said a concern has to be that the only home runs they get are solo home runs…….Cat said that Tony LaRussa said that they needed a start, and Boggs has things to work on in the minors so it is just the time for Mark Mulder. Tony admitted that they want to see what they have too before the trade deadline……John Mozeliak said on the pre-game show last night that the Cards have been looking at different players, but that they aren’t going to just go out and make a deal because Milwaukee and Chicago have……..Jim said that he thinks Bill DeWitt gets a bad rap because he looks like a business man, but he is a baseball fan, and the Cards have money to go out and get someone if they find the right player…….Cat said that a lefty reliever is probably their top priority…….Ryan Franklin hasn’t done that bad as the closer, Izzy could be the closer again if his knee is healthy, and people want to see Chris Perez as the closer so they don’t need to get one……..Cat said Brad Lidge shouldn’t even look at Pujols when he comes up to bat……There were a lot of boos in the stadium when Chris Duncan plowed over the catcher. Tony said that Duncan was trying to not spike the catcher or plop on him so that is why it looked awkward when he collided with him……Cat’s wife came on the show to explain the difference between Pat’s and Gino’s…..

Jay Williamson:

Doug said that Jay is the best ever golfer to come out of St. Louis……Jay said it’s been a very frustrating year, and not playing well earlier this year has hurt him getting into tournaments……He still has some opportunities though and he is working on his putting ……Jay said maybe he is a mental midget because of his struggles on Sunday. You need to make puts on Sunday, and Jay said he’s just never been a great putter under pressure… He has made 11 cuts this year with nothing to show for it……Jay said he doesn’t want to sound like he is taking a shot at Joe Buck, but when he is home, he doesn’t watch golf….. Jay thinks they need a drug testing policy, but it goes way too far, and is way too strict…..There is one guy who needs to be drug tested, and unfortunately he won’t be tested……Kenny Perry is an interesting situation. Kenny likes to play golf in this country, but he doesn’t like playing in the British Open……Kenny has played for 20 years and never finished out of the top 100 on the money list……The Cardinals are excited to watch, and Jay is excited about how well they have played this year because of how people thought they would play at the beginning of the season…….With Tiger not playing in St. Louis


the guys talk about brett favre possibly coming back, and one packer fan from wisconsin called in and said that he would root for favre wherever he played even if it was in chicago or minnesota……andy said that brett should be able to play pretty well still because it isn’t like he would be coming back after a couple years of not playing…… another guy called and said he is pretty excited about aaron rodgers, and rodgers was a potential #1 overall pick in the draft a few years ago. also when rodgers came into the game in dallas last year he played pretty well……doug said it would be better if brett stayed in shape but didn’t come back unless rodgers got hurt.

Tim McKernan:
Tim is very upset about getting knocked out of the tournament yesterday……The pro he played against was in the Top 10 by the end of the day yesterday……Tim explained what happened on his losing hand, and he thinks he should’ve raised him more after the flop and maybe he would’ve dropped out……They guys lost connection with Tim, and Jay joked that the World Series of Poker shut him down…….The guys are worried that Tim is going to jump because he is taking it pretty hard…….Tim called back in and said that the key to winning is skill plus having luck. He said that you can’t worry about winning all the big pots, but you can’t lose the big pots…….After Tim got knocked out, he just wanted to get the hell out of town…..He got knocked out of the tournament around 5:15pm central time, and was on the ground in St. Louis around 9:45pm central….. Tim doesn’t think he could have won the tournament, but he thinks he could’ve won some money……Tim thinks he will play next year if he qualifies; he doesn’t think he would buy in though……

Leftover Riff Raff:
It’s too early to sing……Doug gets confused about the different poker hands that win……Mike Danton is still in prison…… Jay thought there would be more “muck” and dead bodies downtown from the river being flooded……Strickland used to work overnight at a country station in Northern Arizona…….. Doug got his ticket taken care of yesterday…..It was issued by a St. George police officer. …….Strick Nasty is usually in bed dreaming hockey thoughts during the time the show is on……Cat said that Tim will make out with a guy and then feel better about losing out in the World Series of Poker…….People in trailer parks use guns to make a hole in the wall and to try to kill mice…..Brett Favre said “Hasta la vista cheeseheads” when he retired after last year……Chris Draft has had a hell of an offseason…..