Wednesday’s Show Synopsis……

Ben Boyd, Wed, 02 Jul 2008 16:06:00 GMT

Wednesday's Show Synopsis


The Gerber baby strikes again….Stacy Dash is coming up later to promote the Celebrity Circus show…….Derrick Goold tried to get on the circus show but didn’t make the cut….Doug looked Stacy up on the internet, and the guys found out that she was on Sesame Street as a child, on the Cosby Show, and she spent 3 months of her life baking cookies with the Keibler Elves…..

Tim is worried about Todd Wellemeyer. He couldn’t locate his breaking pitches…..Doug said if you are having problems throwing the changeup, then don’t throw that pitch. Keep throwing your heater……Todd said his arm felt great early on, but he probably is a little rusty and needs to do a few side sessions……Cat said Ryan Franklin wasn’t available on Monday because of food poisoning Sunday from eating seared Mahi Tuna……Tim kept asking where Franklin ate and Cat said a place called “Lil Tim’s” which was opened by Tim’s dad.

Tim and his wife went out to eat last night to celebrate their anniversary because he is going to Las Vegas……He made a reservation and the host asked if it was a special occasion so Tim told him it’s their anniversary so when they got there, they gave them a glass of champagne. Tim thought that was a great gesture until he saw that he was charged for them on the bill. He didn’t order them or really drink them so he didn’t understand why they were on his check.

Cat’s Pajamas:
cat wanted to know why when he looks at the nightlife section of everyone holds up their beer like a trophy……cat saw someone buy the perfect “hoosier lunch” at the gas station this morning at 4:30 on his way to work—a pack of gold coast menthol cigarettes, 12 pack of coors light and some slim jims……..john mozeliak confirmed again on the pregame show last night that he has financial flexibility to make a move in free agency……..john rodriguez, now with triple-a new orleans in the mets organization, said almost all of him is still a cardinal, and he would love to be a cardinal again. cat said he doesn’t think j-rod was an organization favorite…….there is a big search in california for moe the chimp, who was known for when his owner came to visit him in an animal sanctuary with a cake and got attacked. the other chimps bit off his nose, his fingers, and his junk…… joel goldberg was in a similar situation before, but the chimps couldn’t get their mouths around his big meaty fingers.


Tim realized he has to think of some questions for Stacy Dash…….Viewers of FSN have noticed that Tony LaRussa is being more short in his answers to the Cat in the postgame show……This upcoming weekend series with the Cubs in town is one of the most anticipated series Tim can remember. The Phillies are probably the 3rd best team in the National League.

Tim has received emails from people who want to sponsor him in the Poker Tournament. One guy has offered him $1000 to get 5% of his earnings…..The guys aren’t sure if that is a good deal or not.

Stacy Dash:
stacy is working out 6 days a week for 8 hours a day. cat told her that doug likes her butt…..the show is very exciting, very real, and it’s been a very profound experience. she cracked some ribs while she was doing moves on those huge pieces of cloth hanging that hang from the ceiling….christopher knight broke his elbow on the german wheel… can’t sue someone when you get hurt because you have to sign a contract……there will be an animal act on tonight’s show that everyone should check out……she still stays in touch with the writer/director of clueless……stacy hasn’t played poker in years, but she really enjoyed it when she played…..the guys think tim has a chance with stacy.

Cat likes watching circus shows on TV. Doug doesn’t like the circus because not all the events are entertaining……Cat doesn’t like seeing elephants in the circus because they are treated poorly, but he likes when the elephants decide they won’t take it anymore and attack their handlers…..Doug likes to watch a bear on a bicycle…..The circus people freak Tim out. When he was a kid they left the circus at the Kiel early and he saw kids looking out the window of the Barnum & Bailey train car.

Bob Nightengale had a story about Mark McGwire in yesterday’s USA Today about McGwire wanting to get back in baseball…..He has worked with Chris Duncan and Skip Schumaker before and the guys said he helped them….His teammates really liked McGwire…..The guys agreed that he should have a press conference and answer questions before he takes a job with a team or else it will follow him around everywhere. He can answer questions once and then say he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.


FSN’s poker analyst studied Tim’s game and doesn’t think there is much there.

Derrick Goold:
derrick likes to hear the guys talk poker in the morning….tony always sends an open invitation to mcgwire to be an instructor during spring training or during the season, and they thought he was going to show up this year…..he has some questions to answer, and derrick thinks how he answers the questions the day he comes back will dictate how long he stays in baseball… said that mcgwire will not likely answer questions from the media when he didn’t in front of congress……the guys agree that if he would just confront the issue people would probably forgive him like they have forgiven other guys like jason giambi……todd wellemeyer because he has to get that slider back, and they are worried about his elbow, but he said there is no pain in the elbow. he has to try to get his rhythm back and can throw all of his pitches.

Included in Producer Joe’s email to Tim this morning as potential talking points: “Seriously, kind of creepy there was a serial killer roaming around downtown right?”

Nik Richie:
Nik Richie from was warned that Producer Joe will be following him around in Vegas…..Nik has a party each night this weekend in Vegas, and he is flying out all of the celebrity chicks from……Nik is going to wait in line and just be a normal guy at his own party……One girl’s name is Leper, which she didn’t really like at first…..Paris and Nicole are supposed to be there Saturday night because their boyfriends’ band Good Charlotte will be playing pool side……Mark Mulder is Nik’s friend, and he was excited to see him get in and pitch….TheDirty invades the Hard Rock Hotel is the theme of the weekend….He is giving away breast implants…..St. Louis is a rough place to be a “dirty celebrity” because the only one they have is someone who is a poser—he is a 40K millionaire…….Nik said the biggest mistake he ever made was being friends with MLB players before he started the website because they are like girls…… They are going to send a picture of Producer Joe to be put on the website…..

The guys are worried that Producer Joe may not make it through the weekend…..Tim’s bachelor party was in Vegas for 5 days, and they had casualties—guys throwing up on the golf course, guys disappearing……If Tim makes it to the final table in the World Series of Poker, this will be his last day of doing radio. He will likely buy a Porn business…..

Leftover Riff Raff:
Doug is lead singer material…..Producer Joe had to hit his own music the first time he went into the studio…..Cat offered to stand behind Tim while he is playing poker and play the accordian so Tim doesn’t have to have one ear bud in and one ear bud out…….Cat doesn’t blow out his ears on his I-pod ….There used to be a chimp at the Zoo who could talk, but he is taking a dirt nap……A chimp wins if he fought a honey badger…… Mrs. Dash has great spices…….Show business bears sound like Barry White….Iggy hates the Communards videos……Doug was doing the sprinkler dance move to the Communards coming back from break…….The Morning After is never on remote because no one likes them……Cat said that they have to go to the pudding buffet when they are in Vegas….The guys called Lake of the Ozarks Satan’s Anus……Tim has had an ear bud problem the entire show.