Wednesday’s Show Synopsis

Ben Boyd, Wed, 13 Aug 2008 17:35:00 GMT

Wednesday's Show Synopsis

Tim has tiny hands, which are totally different than Joel Goldberg’s big meaty fingers…. Pat Parris had the day off yesterday so Cat filled in for him hosting the pre-game show. Cat doesn’t get to talk to him though because Pat sends his interns to tell him…..Pat has an intern who gets his lunch and a separate one to get his drink for lunch…..

The St. Louis Cardinals lead the league in rain delays with almost 18 hours this year….. The guys wonder where Stubby Clap is nowadays, and Tim said that he knows that Clap was asked to do a drive time radio show in St. Louis by one of the stations……Willie McGee was also asked to host a radio program in St. Louis even though he was never much of an interview…….Darnell Coles bought a couple Subway sandwich shops, and he said that if you aren’t a hands on manager you will get robbed blind by your employees and lose all your money…..

Terry Bowden:
terry wrote on yahoo that 2007 was the year of the upset…..gary pinkel is well respected by other coaches, and this team is playing outstanding across the board…..they will average 50 points, and terry is interested in seeing how they handle being an elite team…..people took notice early on last year, but they definitely won’t sneak up on anyone this year……a team’s non-conference schedule isn’t going to kill them right now, and they shouldn’t worry about the schedule but focus on winning 12 in a row and beating oklahoma in the big 12 championship…..opening with illinois is a biggie…. terry thinks illinois is a team that will be tapering off a little this year, and they won’t be as good as in the past……chase daniel is a cerebral quarterback; he’s a gamer and he has the intangibles. he has mental abilities ……it will be hard to say if he could make it in the nfl because they rank you on physical characteristics…..the question is if he can lead this team to the championship……jeremy maclin is an nfl talent, but terry doesn’t think you could ever tell a kid whether he should stay or go to the nfl…..they have to get good advice and decide for themselves….you have to let it play out with each individual…..terry ran the spread offense at auburn. it’s not new, and it’s different at different schools… can be a great equalizer, and you can win games you wouldn’t normally win…..the bcs is going to change and there will be a playoff when every coach says we need one. a few people have to retire first for it to happen…..the problem is people protecting and defending what the bowls do for them personally…..mizzou has to win the big 12 for chase to win the heisman trophy…..

Cat’s Pajamas:
Doug said the best part of Cat’s Pajamas is the saxophone……Cat said congratulations white folks. According to census numbers, the white population has grown by 8,000 in the last 7 years….Cat said let’s have a melting pot in the city; the water is good…..Don’t be afraid of the city…… “It’s about time that those closed minded crackers move back to the city.”…….Since Prince Fielder shoved Manny Parra the Brewers have been playing very well. To give the Cardinals the same luck, Al Hrabosky tried to choke Brent Stover last night during the pre-game show…..The Olympics are about more than just athletics. They are also about expanding one’s horizons. They played sound of LA Times columnist Bill Plaschke enjoying animal penis at a restaurant in China.……The Elias interview from yesterday’s show has caused buzz for the show to win a Marconi award…

Joe Strauss:
Joe doesn’t care to talk soccer…..Chris Carpenter met last night with Dr. Paletta, and Joe said we’ll see what will happen at the next turn in the rotation, and what happens with Adam Wainwright’s rehab…..By elevating Wainwright’s pitch count, you have options incase Carpenter can’t start…..Joe said he thinks the starter Friday will be Friday…..This will be Wainwright’s third rehab start and Carp was ready to go after only 2 so they might bring Wainwright up after Saturday depending how it goes…..Chris Perez will likely stay as the closer……The guys don’t know why Tony won’t say that Perez is the closer……The Cardinals are now playing legit teams on the road so it is difficult for them in the standings because Milwaukee is playing the Padres and Nationals and steamrolling them….The issue is that the Cardinals didn’t get any help at the deadline even though every other team did…..Kyle Lohse has started to give up a lot more hard contact hits than he did in the first half, and Joe wondered if he started to wear down…… Lohse has an ERA over 5 on the road…….Todd Wellemeyer has been pitching better now, and he is feeling better……Braden Looper has been pitching well…..Joe thinks perhaps there is an issue with Albert’s elbow because he hasn’t looked the same lately….. They have been playing .500 ball for the past 80 games so maybe that is what they are and they just overachieved the first month……The club created optimism at the beginning of the season and they have to find a way to put together a long winning streak….Last night they put them in position wins……

the us men’s soccer team was knocked out of the olympics this morning after losing 1-0……the guys are watching the dutch play japan, and a player went down injured. when a player goes down on the field, coaches don’t even look because they know it’s fake…..doug wonders why they even think about running a stretcher out during a soccer game for a sprained ankle…….doug said every kid in america plays soccer so he can’t figure out why the us team is never any good… said that soccer is like daycare, and doug disagreed….. doug yelled at cat to have kids and coach them in soccer. cat said he would rather have his kids join the drama club or wheel the projector into classrooms than play soccer….

Tim has been watching the Olympics because of Michael Phelps…..Doug said you have to call him the greatest Olympian ever because of the number of medals he has won……Bella Karolyi was questioning the age of the Chinese gymnasts……

the little girl who sang at the olympics opening ceremony was actually lip syncing her song because the girl’s whose voice was used had buck teeth and wasn’t attractive enough…..a caller said he was really into the us gymnasts this year because they are a lot more attractive than usual, and the guys accuse him of being a sexual predator……

Steven Jackson is still not in camp……Jim Thomas reported this morning that there has been some minimal contact between the Rams and Jackson’s agent Eugene Parker……. Dick Vermeil said it will take him a few weeks to get right…..Scott Linehan said he doesn’t think it will be tough for him to be ready for the season…..Doug said it is a lost cause if Jackson isn’t on the team…….There is a high correlation of guys who hold out and end up getting hurt…..Tim thinks it’s a bigger deal than the attention it’s getting….. Doug said more people are worried about how many pitches Adam Wainwright will throw in a rehab start than the Rams second preseason game…..

Leftover Riff Raff:
Tim is the leader of the new school for another year…..Aunt Bea was a little burly and possibly a lesbian…..Doug liked Marcia from the Brady Bunch……Doug’s show name is Sara…..Doug keeps his phone on vibrate and it feels good…..Cat thinks a 50 year old could dominate 4 year olds in basketball…..The guys don’t know if Michael Phelps had an underwater classroom…… Cat has been mispronouncing badminton for years…..