Wednesday’s Show Synopsis.

Ben Boyd, Wed, 06 Aug 2008 16:53:00 GMT

Wednesday's Show Synopsis

Jim Edmonds hasn’t come on the show in a very long time, and the guys wonder if he ever really played for the Cardinals….Iggy and Producer Joe have set up some great guests today, but Joe says Iggy gets all the credit…..Kyle Lohse came up to Cat and told him sorry he didn’t call in yesterday, and Cat said are you sure you have the right show? Lohse was convinced that it was The Morning After so he is coming on today, but Cat thinks they stole him from another station…..Doug may have some resolution to his hotel scam…..

Dan McLaughlin:
is anyone else in st. louis on the air more often than dan mclaughlin? he was a couple years ahead of tim at st. gabriel’s grade school in south city…..dan was kind of lying about his wife being a wife of the show. she had to get something out of his car and she heard the guys say that dan was supposed to be on the show so she came inside and reminded him……dan throws peanuts out of the booth to fans……martin kilcoyne has been showing up behind cat in fsn shots……dan said that carpenter looked like the old carpenter…..the 9th inning has to be a concern right now, and if they get in a save situation tonight, dan doesn’t know what larussa is going to do….it wouldn’t shock dan if they bring chris perez back up to try him at closer because they have given izzy a chance and ryan franklin a chance and probably don’t want to use russ springer…..dan said he didn’t see great location from izzy last night. he thinks izzy still has stuff to get people out, but he was leaving the ball over the plate……the guys think that last time chris perez was up with the cardinals, he didn’t pitch as well as he is capable because he wasn’t used to being in a different role than a closer, and they think perez will be brought up today……

Tim sent John Mozeliak a text this morning to see if the Cards would make a pitching move today, but didn’t think he would hear back. However, John wrote him that the show should send Cat down and bring up a smaller market sports guy. John also wrote that the team will likely bring a pitcher up……Jaime Garcia pitched great last night in relief, and he supposedly has the best curve ball in the organization.

Cat’s Pajamas:
For the first time a Cardinals player has asked for an invite to be on the show. Todd Wellemeyer asked why he was never requested to come back on, and he will be a guest tomorrow……Cat had all the Cardinals players conspire to call Brent Stover “Ben” on FSN when he is interviewing them, which upset Stover when Pat Parris alluded that Cat was behind it……..If the communication between a catcher and pitcher is so high secret that they have to cover their mouth with their gloves, then why does a pitching coach come out and make no attempt to cover their mouth?……Cat doesn’t know why people feel the need to record a rant on the Cardinals on YouTube……The guys played a clip of a guy yelling that the Cards/Cubs rivalry is NOT a friendly rivalry, and they said it is clearly some guy living in his mom’s basement.

Kyle Lohse:
it was a long night with the rain delays last night…..tony seemed jubilant in the post game press conference because the guys pulled out the win…..chris carpenter has been very impressive, and last night he threw like he was never out…..whenever anyone has a bad outing the guys kind of leave the guy alone because usually the individual is hardest on himself, but they have to turn the page the next day and forget about it……kyle said as a staff they have to look at what they can do better as a whole, including the starting staff going longer in games……lohse said hopefully it won’t be too long before the cardinals would want to get contract talks going, but he won’t put too much pressure on them to do something. he said if something happens great, but otherwise they will have to wait till after the season to see what happens…..kyle said he had his agent contact the club to let them know that he is happy in st. louis, but it isn’t a big story…….tim asked if lohse would give the cardinals a discount, and he said there is a market out there for starting pitching, and if st. louis wants to get in that market he isn’t going to say that there won’t be a situation that both sides can’t be happy……kyle attributes a combination of things to his success including preparation work with dave duncan, good defense, and staying consistent……lohse said that he was by a tv when the toddallen called brent stover “ben” and he thought it was hilarious…..guys were rolling when they saw it……todd was hurt yesterday when lohse said he was coming on the show because todd hasn’t been on in so long……

Cat gave Tony his post game soda so he would start his press conference quicker, and he complained it had too many ice cubes so Cat told him he will never get him a soda again…….Tony said it’s not like Cat never criticizes him, and Cat said he doesn’t remember ever doing such a thing so Tony held his heart and acted like he had a heart attack……

Manny Ramirez:
Iggy interviewed Manny for 2 minutes before the game, and he said playing in St. Louis is just like playing in another ballpark. He said he feels like he is just trying to learn a new league and trying to get adjusted to the pitching……He didn’t want to talk about the past and didn’t want to talk about Boston…..When the interview was over Manny asked how the baby was and when Iggy asked what he was talking about, Manny said “How is Pujols?”

Erin Andrews:
mike nadel wrote a column criticizing espn’s erin andrews for her wardrobe and flirtatious reporting style while she was covering the cubs/brewers series wednesday night…..erin said that she can understand people questioning her getting into sports reporting 4 years ago, but she shouldn’t be judged the way she was criticized……she said that she was friends with the recently passed skip carey, and she knows that he would tell her to stay strong and give them hell……charles barkley told her that she should come out in a fur coat tonight, which is the next time she is on tv…….the columnist hasn’t tried to contact her and she doesn’t have anything to say to him so she doesn’t have any interest to talk to him……erin said that she felt alfonso soriano’s wrap on his hand because he has the broken hand so she could describe it on the broadcast, she didn’t feel his bicep like the guy wrote in his column….. erin said that she is a tom boy and doesn’t like wearing makeup unless she has too—when she is on tv……a lot of other broadcasters have been very supportive and let her know that people will always try to bring others down……..erin doesn’t think she is that hot, even though she was voted hottest broadcaster by playboy……

Phil Gordon:
Poker Pro Phil Gordon started “Put a Bad Beat on Cancer,” a foundation to fight cancer 6 years ago and asked professional poker players to donate 1% of their winnings to the cause…..They have raised around $4 million to date…..Almost every poker player you could name has lost all their money at some point……Phil said he would love to see current chip leader in this year’s World Series of Poker, Dennis Phillips to win it all because Dennis said he is going to keep his job, and keep poker as a hobby…….Being a professional poker player, you have to divorce yourself from the value of money so you can bet such large amounts, but then most people end up losing everything because they start betting and losing money other ways too…..Phil’s advice is to keep poker as a hobby and keep it fun, but give it very deep thought before going pro…..It is a much tougher game these days than when he was playing a lot around 5 years ago….Tim explained his hand that he got knocked out of the World Series with for his comments…..

Leftover Riff Raff:
When you say no offense, then everything is ok…..Dan McLaughlin’s wife is a fan of the show…..Tim was late to the show because he was packing to stay at a hotel tonight….. All the great broadcasters come from St. Gabriel grade school…..Tim never got his degree from Mizzou, but if he wrote a big enough check, they would give him one……It’s “Big Oil,” not oil companies…….Erin Andrews doesn’t think she is hot…..Almost all of the big time poker players have money problems…..Producer Joe and Tim enjoy each others’ company…..