Wednesday’s Show Synopsis..

Ben Boyd, Wed, 30 Jul 2008 16:17:00 GMT

Wednesday's Show Synopsis

Cat only got 3 hours of sleep to prep for Cat’s Pajamas today…….Doug got a call from 000-000-0000 and it was a telemarketer…..Tim said that Mike Bush used to call people and thank them for watching Sports Plus.

Doug’s family played the card game war last night because the little one wanted to play….The guys can’t figure out what nougat is. Cat thinks there are toenails are in it…. Salmon wear sweaters……

The guys discuss different game shows…….Tim’s ex-girlfriend who had a huge rack was on a reality TV show before, and Tim freaked out that it would be like The Real World and his girl would hook up with other dudes. She never told him it was a game show, and he told her that he didn’t want her to do it, and she ended up getting sick and couldn’t go on the show…….

the atlanta braves are really struggling….they looked like rbi baseball when you overthrew first base and the ball would bounce into the outfield and the bases would clear…..anytime you are beat by yadier molina’s speed, you are having some problems. ……the braves were in the race till they were besieged by injuries…….

Chris Carpenter is starting tonight, and Doug doesn’t think they are rushing him back….Dyar Miller said that Carpenter is one of the most reliable guys in accessing his own starts, and Cat thinks the team made a decision based on how Carp felt about his last start……Tim thinks the team is running Carpenter out there because the trade deadline is tomorrow…..In a perfect world, Carpenter would get one more rehab start, but the Cardinals aren’t living in a perfect world……Cat said, in a sense, Atlanta’s current lineup is almost like facing a triple-A lineup……If he goes out and has a solid performance, it will be a huge lift…..

The guys discuss the Cubs vs. Brewers series, and they like the Brewers’ pitching, but their defense lacks. Ryan Braun’s defense in left field is very weak, and he cost them 3 runs last night……Doug thinks they are a very dangerous team and can’t be counted out.

Cat’s Pajamas:
Brendan Ryan wasn’t locked in last night. When he was up to bat and the ball got away he waved the runner on first on to go to second, but the ball was very close to the catcher so the runner went back to first and didn’t listen to Ryan……..The Sept. 11 conspiracy people have very credible spokespeople—–Charlie Sheen and Rosie O’Donnell…..Cat contacted his camera guy to come on the show, but he won’t come on. He said he couldn’t come on because he was afraid of the exposure that a radio program with a listenership of 14 could do. He said that there was a bullet hole in his car and someone cut a bolt of a tire on a trailer he was pulling one time……Cat said he did some research, and the buildings did look like they were imploded…..You can go on YouTube, and see this giant object that flies out of the building just before the second plane hits……After Cat read the conspiracy theorists last night and there are a lot of holes in their arguments and holes in the original stories…….Cat said he thinks the plane that hit the Pentagon could’ve been shot down by a plane…..The conspiracy theory that Cat wants to look into is how does Carson Daly still have a show on National TV? Cat thinks he is part of a government agency sending messages to Aliens…….Doug said he is like a major leaguer who had a big year and got a 5 year deal.

Mike Shannon:
mike said that the cards are catching atlanta at the right time, with all of their injuries to key players, and with them trading mark texiera……chris carpenter will start tonight, and mike is keeping his fingers crossed for him. he hasn’t pitched since opening day of 2007……mike said carp is very strong mentally, but no one knows how far he will be able to go physically…..mike said if he had two more rehab starts, it would be like having two more practices and carpenter would be a little more sure of what he could do. …….adam wainwright is throwing his fastball and changeup at 100%, but his curve isn’t complete yet……18 guys have had this same type of injury, and adam has talked to them about how they came back from it…..this is something that he just has to build back up from——he had to get the tendon healed and now build his arm strength….. mike thinks that if they throw him in the mix, he will probably be a reliever because that makes more sense…….mike said with a laugh that he would take a relief pitcher, a big bat, and another starter before the deadline……brendan ryan is still a youngster who has a lot to learn, but he has the capability of making things happen. he has to work harder to make himself an impact player…..yadier molina’s transformation into a hitter has been amazing. mike said that he can focus more on improving his hitting because his catching is so great now……this is a big challenge for jason isringhausen. the team is better if izzy is the closer, but the “proof is in the pudding” and he has to earn the closer role again……mike said he would wait to see if kyle lohse will finish strong before trying to sign him……

Cardinals fans are debating whether the team should trade Kyle Lohse because you know you likely aren’t going to be able to resign him. On the flipside, the team is only 1 game out of the wild card……The guys agree that the team needs to try to win it all this year, so they would keep him…..Doug doesn’t think that it is written in stone that the Cards won’t be able to sign him…..Tim said he wouldn’t resign him because he is having a career year and will command absurd dollars and a four year deal…..Tim said that if the Cardinals went after CC Sabathia, it could be a franchise changing signing, but it would take big bucks that the team has never invested in one player before.

Jim Carey had to dress up like Fidel Castro at his girlfriend Jenny McCarthy’s sister’s wedding in St. Louis over the weekend…..She got married to Blues’ player Dan Hinote.

Four women have been arrested in the Ozarks in a prostitution ring, and three of them were pregnant—-one was 8 months along, one was 6 months, and one was 3 months pregnant…..They were advertising prostitution on a website and were arrested at a Lake Ozark hotel……

Leftover Riff Raff:
Tim really enjoys coconut…..July 27 was the 4 year anniversary of the show……Cat is going to one of the Quad Cities (either 1, 3, 6, or 3)……Charlie Sheen may be an idiot, but he was hilarious in Two and a Half Men……Steve Kline can’t be at the girls and cougars next door party Friday night because he will be in an eight day job interview with the Giants, but Mike Shannon will be there…..Joey Lawrence was in Summer Rental with John Candy…….Girls from the GND contest believe they are models….