Wednesday’s Show Audio —- Cards Win One

Producer Joe, Wed, 16 May 2012 12:10:00 GMT

SEGMENT 1– Once Again I Don’t Think I Understand the Space Problems Here at the Station & Why You Just Sit in the Studio, I Might Be Going to Las Vegas For a Couple of Weeks Here in the Next Few Weeks, Only Two of Us Here Got to Experience the Glory Days of 2007, Doug You Should Be the Point Person When I Am Gone, I Am Going to Do a Little Inside Baseball Talk Because It Is Wednesday, Steadman Would You Like Running Point While I Go Out of Town, Is the Little Lady Seeing Someone Else Because Larry Is Very Protective of Her, What Ever Happened to the Old Studio Above the Sex Shop, and It Seems As Though the Spotlight Has Dimmed So He Is Trying to Stay Relevant In Some Fashion


SEGMENT 2– You Can Chime In a Little Bit Because I Am Sure the Texters Would Like You to Poke the Beehive, The Non Turns 25 This Friday So Prepare Your Birthday Wishes Now, He Wanted Me to Talk with John Daly’s Ex-Wife Who Used to Perform Oral in the Woods, Oh I Apologize I Just Went to with That Ad That Just Starts Automatically & Goold Has An Arrow On His Microphone, I Think the Key to Yesterday’s Win For the Cardinals Was Holliday Talking with Larry Nickel, Win Only Their Second One Run Game of the Season, Lohse Although Giving Up 5 Earned Runs Had a Huge Start to Put Them in a Position to Win the Game, and the Central Feasting on the Central, Plus a Little Audio Postcard From the 9:00 Hour Yesterday


SEGMENT 3– I Don’t Know What This Is But I Sure Do Like It, Who In the World Likes This Show, I Do Have a Couple of Different Accounts at Bernie’s Pressbox So I Can Talk About How Good This Show Is, There Are a Lot of Father/Son Issues On This Show to Be Honest, Hey You Know That Mickey Hatcher He Was the Hitting Coach for the Angels For The Last 13 Years Prior to Getting Fired Yesterday, Pujols Will Be Attached to This Either Right or Wrong, Speaking of Southern California That Is Where the Stars Reside and Iggy Did Catch Up with Judy Tenuda & Debbie Gibson For This Audio Postcard, Plus Iggy Banged Who?


SEGMENT 4– Doug Stop Addressing Me While I Am Sitting at the Table, I Sent Joe a Text Wondering Whether or Not Sara Was on the Show Yesterday, I Want to Give Away the Cecil Whittaker’s Text of the Day in This Hour, Hey That Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports Joins the Show to Talk About Never Having an Idea of What Is Actually Happening, How Old Was Iggy When He Slept with Leona Helmsley, How Is the Firing of Mickey Hatcher Going to Play in Los Angeles?, Pujols Has Carried Lineups In the Past and Its Not Happening In LA Right Now, His Thoughts on the Cardinals As We Approach the Quarter Point in the Season, and Look at the Numbers Beltran Is Very Close to Kemp This Season, Plus Getting Chased By a Beaver


SEGMENT 5– I Was Going to Say Covais When I Heard That Voice, I Deep Teased This in the Previous Segment So I Want to Get to the Blues News That I Received Regarding Brett Hull Meeting with Tom Stillman, Joe Strauss Joins the Show Presented By R.F. Meeh Company to Discuss Being In San Francisco Meeting Up with the Cardinals Prior to Their Two Game Set with the Giants, Level of Concern About the Injuries to Beltran and Possibly Berkman, Freese Struggling at the Plate with Craig Just Continues to Mash, and Phone Issues Will End This Little Chat with Strauss, Plus Are You Just Filling Me In On Things While We Are On the Air & a Camera in the Bathroom, Oh and Big E Wants to Critique the Show Again


SEGMENT 6– Supplement Superstore Email of the Day


Email of the Day:
Let’s break this down. If Iggy was born in 1960 or so, that would have made Leona 70 years old when he ravaged her. SEVENTY. How did it happen? Iggy sees a wrinkly woman in a bonnet and strikes up a conversation about Medicaid and what to eat to produce a regular bowel movement, next thing you know he tosses her walker and oxygen tank in his trunk and they head to his room? Being a man-whore is one thing, but this ultra-Freudian Grandmother fantasy is just creepy. And he wonders why I wouldn’t get naked with him…


Judy Tenuta


War would you rather bang a post-op tranny or a 70 year old Leona Helmsley?