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Producer Joe, Wed, 07 Oct 2009 11:18:00 GMT

SEGMENT 1–Chock Full of Quality Guests on Today’s Show, Will Witherspoon Joins the Show for Wednesday’s with Will to Chat About Slap Fighting Between Joe and Charlie, Did He See the Georgia Game on Saturday, His Thoughts on Celebration Flags After Touchdowns, His Thoughts on the Defense in San Francisco, His Emotions Now Compared to Losing in Seattle in the Opening Week, Keeping the Younger Guys Going with 12 Games Still to Play This Season, and Not Wanting to Hear the Slap Fight Today—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 2–Which Girls School Did Tim Like to Victimize While He Was at the U-High, Thoughts About Traveling to Los Angeles, Somehow Stumbling into Watching Yesterday’s Play-In Game Between the Twins and Tigers, Where Does That Rank in Terms of Great Games of This Decade, ESPN Experts Picking Winners in the MLB Playoffs, and We Give Our Picks in the Series’—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 3–Looking Back to the Glory Days of the Morning Grind, Doug Was Meant to Jump In at That Point After the Auditions, The Cat Felt Sorry For Tim for a Little While, and Playing Some Audio From Slaten’s Show when Rudy Calls In to Talk About God Knows What—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 4–The Chance of Skip Schumaker Making a Start in Centerfield Against Left Handed Starters in LA, What Do You Do with an 8th Inning Situation and Facing Manny, Charlie Likes Hawksworth, Will Tony Lean on a Rookie In a Pressure Situation, Two Big Wide Receiver Moves in the NFL This Morning, Rudy Joins the Show and May Be Drunk, and Wanting Wellemeyer Because Rudy Knows Him—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 5–Blues Head Coach Andy Murray Joins the Show to Talk About a Successful Trip to Sweden Against the Red Wings, What Was the Best Part of the Trip For Him, Doesn’t Believe in Building Off of Momentum, Seeing Erik Johnson Back in the Lineup, Also the Geting Paul Kariya Back on the Team This Season, Dealing with the Expectations This Season; Plus Looking at Tomorrow’s Monster Night in Sports in St. Louis—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 6–The Cat Joins Us From Los Angeles To Talk About a Worker Dying in the Pressbox at Dodger Stadium Yesterday Afternoon, Mitchell Boggs Tells The Cat a Story About Listening To Our Show, The Cat Went to Soups Grill Yesterday, LaRussa Was Not Really Discussing Anything In His Presser Yesterday, Doesn’t Believe That Schumaker Will Be in Center Tonight, Franklin Being Ready for the Playoffs, and The Cat Answers Questions about the 8th Inning—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 7–Jason Isringhausen Joins the Show to Talk About the Spirit of 82, Heading for a Workout, How Is His Health Right Now, He Is Ready to Get Another Shot at Things and They Will Have to Kick Him Out, How Did He Prepare for the Playoffs, His Thoughts on Ryan Franklin Closing Out Games, How Do You Prepare the Younger Guys for Their First Time in the Playoffs, and Does He Think the Cards Match-Up Against the Dodgers—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 8–The Ticket Guys Email of the Day—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN