We Are Live!: Final Show (at this time…)


Opening up the last show with a quick reminder that it’s just the last show in the 2-4pm time-slot (stay tuned to We Are Live and Friends of WAL on Facebook for updates), and a big thank you to everyone for following the show, and, as has become custom these last few weeks with Chris letting the kids play, Travis throws out another crazy scenario and asks how you would deal with it

Some discussion on how the hell is Chris Christy letting himself getting played like this over and over again, more proof that Chris Long is an incredible twitter follow was presented last night and takes on the upcoming fight between Ryan Kelly and Timberfake

The final hour of our time in the 2-4pm slot (stick with our Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates) kicks off with some dumbass video Travis can’t stand, Chris becomes everyone’s hero and we close out the show the only way we can–Fair…or Foul closes out this beautiful 16-month disaster. See you nerds on the other side.