Tuesday’s Show Synopsis……….

Ben Boyd, Tue, 27 May 2008 21:32:00 GMT

Tuesday's Show Synopsis

Cat’s wife was in a taping of a movie at Lambert over the weekend with Matt Damon. She was a ticket agent, and Cat said she wasn’t just an extra and it might lead to other movies down the road. She ate lunch with Matt Damon (and around 75 other people)…. ……Tim said if there was a movie about E-Mak, it would be called The Informer, but Cat said it would be called The Annoying Guy.

Doug’s son graduated from high school and is going to Westminster to study business with a minor in “beagle” because the Westminster dog show is so wonderful. Cat said that he should major in etch-a-sketch because that’s the hot ticket.

this past weekend, doug’s wife convinced a furniture store to take back a couch after they have used it for 3 weeks…..doug has been to every furniture store in st. louis in the past month, and now he has to find a new couch with his wife. doug’s input doesn’t really matter so he is really just her driver…..doug loves a gaudy pattern for his couch…. the guys agree that you need a foot rest built into couch, and that you have to have a spot for a beverage on the right and cheese nips on the left.

Tim has a drape problem, and asked for advice from Cat and Doug. Cat isn’t good at many things, but he is unbelievable at consumer advocacy. He once got 3 separate checks when he got some furniture moved into his house and they scratched the floor and dented the wall…..Maybe Tim should contact Elliot Davis because he paid for it…..A caller suggests that Tim send his father or Joe Theisman after the Drapery guy.

Jackie called in with one of her number poems, and she asked if Austin has said anything about her….The guys wonder why Austin and Jackie have been exchanging pitchers, and Iggy said Jackie calls the station 10 times a day asking for Austin.

The guys talked about Chris Duncan screwing up in left field, and they don’t like the spin after the series of “we won the series.”….Doug thinks that the Cardinals should trade Anthony Reyes for Dan Uggla straight up….There was an article in the Chicago Tribune saying if Jim Edmonds doesn’t get it together pretty quickly or he will get the boot.


the guys talk about hockey and jeremy rutherford’s article in today’s post-dispatch. they wonder what it would be like if the blues were actually in the stanley cup hunt and what kind of impact it would have on the city. it’s hard to believe the blues have never won a cup, and it would be unreal for the city and for the blues’ fans.

tim recapped bob costas’ comments from a month ago in reference to hearing a show asking listeners “would ya?”……the guys thought it was strange to have jay marriotti on to talk about it…..tim would like to have a discussion with costas and explain to him why he does the show he does. tim said he wanted to get out of sports television because of the way the industry is, and said that he’s sure when bob first got in the business it was a lot different….tim said he didn’t want his little percentage raise and to work on the weekends.

Doug has a mole problem, and was trying to figure out how to get rid of it. He was surprised that his cat wouldn’t kill it because that is his “job.” The Cat said Doug’s cat isn’t interested in killing a mole because he thinks Doug should do it because he is taller than his cat…….Producer Joe was firing guns in Atlanta over the weekend, and he said he will bring one over to Doug’s house so he can take care of his mole problem. Cat said Joe walking the streets after having a few is probably not a good situation much less Joe drinking a few and shooting guns.

U-Gas WWE Wrestling Recap:
Vince McMahon said it’s all about the money, and he will give away $1 million next week during the show, but he didn’t say how he was going to give it away.

Joe Strauss:
Joe enjoyed Duran Duran in high school so he liked the rejoin song…..The Cards last year blamed a lot of their problems on injuries to position players, and this year, they have had The starting pitching gives the Cards a chance to win every night because they keep them in it…..Joe said it is exciting to watch the Cards play this year
Joel Pineiro has yet to pitch deep into games, and Joe said that he burned a little trust early in the season when he said he was ready to come back too early…..Chris Perez will be the guy at some point, but Ryan Franklin has been doing very well. Joe doesn’t think Izzy will be back for at least several more weeks because they need to have him pitch a rehab assignment to make sure he will come back ready…..Mark Mulder was supposed to throw yesterday. Matt Clement is supposed to start a rehab assignment in the next couple weeks. Chris Carpenter won’t go on rehab for another month…..We may see Clement pitch this year, and he and Mulder may be on a similar time frame. However, just because Clement is going to pitch a rehab doesn’t mean he will throw in the major leagues this year, and the Cards need to see how he does in the rehab assignment……
Joe said if you want a bat to put behind Albert Pujols down the stretch, he said Ken Griffey was hinted to him. Jocketty is trying to get rid of him……Chris Duncan’s trade value isn’t very high right now, and he isn’t the same player since his surgery last year.

Leftover Riff Raff:
Cat’s wife was listening to the show and sent him a text…… Sharon Stone made an idiotic comment over the weekend about the earthquake in China being karma…….
Cat and Doug wouldn’t know the difference if Tim played the same WWE clip every week……Jim Edmonds has a curtain company……”Surprise, Surprise so you rub your eyes”……Babe Ruth used to buy hot dogs in the stands during a game…..Griffey is done according to Doug, and Cat said that Doug was done when they gave him a shot to be on the show….Doug doesn’t like killing animals and wishes his cat would kill his mole.