Tuesday’s Show Synopsis

Ben Boyd, Tue, 12 Aug 2008 17:10:00 GMT

Tuesday's Show Synopsis

there was a dead cardinal bird laying right outside f15teen by the door yesterday, and the guys wonder if it was a coincidence or someone killed a cardinal and put it there as a message to jim edmonds…..cat said he doesn’t think just anyone could catch or kill a wild cardinal……you have to be russ springer quality hunter to be able to kill a cardinal…….the guys wonder if you could buy a cardinal at the pet store, and doug said that you can’t. doug’s family took care of a neighbor’s hamster a year ago, and it was in their care for around 24 hours before it died so doug went to the pet store to try to get a similar one to replace the dead one, and he said that they don’t sell cardinals…… someone probably found a dead cardinal and left it there……it’s easier to get a half shirt at a bird boutique than to get a dead cardinal……

Tim said he doesn’t understand why people think Tim is going to benefit by defending Jim Edmonds dissing the St. Louis TV and radio last Friday……There is a thread on Bernie’s Pressbox on StlToday.com

Upcoming guest Elias Coblentz is just a passionate Cardinal fan. Cat said they should pretend that they are on his side and have his back and that they want to hang out with him…..It looks like the guy is taping his rant in his mom’s basement, and then his mom walks down the steps with laundry and peers in and thinks, “oh it’s his summer rant.”……Cat thinks he saw him at the “Giggle Hut”…….

The Redbirds are ready to soar…..Yadi Molina dominated the game last night with his bat and glove and how he called the game for the pitchers….What was Dan Uggla doing running in the 9th inning? Molina threw him out and then Chris Perez straightened out…. Adam Wainwright had his second rehab start and his numbers weren’t that bad….Doug said that it seemed like he threw a lot of pitches if he is coming back as a reliever…..The team will just never come out and say exactly what is going on so they won’t say if they plan on bringing Wainwright back as a starter or reliever…..Molina called a great game. Joel Pineiro didn’t have to call him off all night, and he told McClellan what to throw for a great late inning….The guys are impressed with Joe Mather’s play, and he was a target by a lot of teams before the trade deadline……Doug said that he thinks Mather may start in left field next year, but Tim and Cat think Colby Rasmus will be an everyday guy next year.

Elias Coblentz:
elias has a video on youtube ranting about cardinals fans cheering for jim edmonds when he came back to st. louis playing for the cubs, which he was very upset about….. the guys told him they are fans of his…..he is a mac guy…..the youtube channel of his started as a way for him to put up some of the sick things that were in his head….he is a huge cardinals fan and it was disgusting for him when edmonds went to the cubs…. the woman who walks past him in the background in the video was actually his wife and not his mom……he is 22 years old, and today is his 2 year anniversary……he lives in kentucky, but he has not ever hooked up with his mother…..he has fought maybe 6 times and he is 5-1 against other kids…..when elias saw the cheering of edmonds in st. louis he could not believe it at all…..elias said he completely agreed with bernie miklasz in his column……cat said his issue with edmonds is his half shirt…..elias had not heard the latest development that a dead cardinal had been found in front of f15teen, and he said that was a little much……he will have a new rant up today or tomorrow on edmonds’ bat flip…..he is going to start doing stand-up comedy again, and he usually doesn’t use a whole lot of profanity, but if he is really ticked off about something he flies off the balcony like mussolini…..he thinks obama is going to win, which he thinks is disgusting, but he doesn’t do many political rants because he doesn’t need more than the 50 hate mail letters he gets daily already…..he said he’s not a racist…..his opening line when he met his woman was “hey, how’s it going?”…… he met her in iowa when she was walking around campus and 2 weeks later he was moving to kentucky with her….. at some point elias would like to do stand up touring again, but most of the gigs he did were real small……he hates rap to begin with…..he is not racist and has no problem with african americans, jewish people, or muslims……

Three callers in a row said the Elias interview was the worst radio they ever heard, and they weren’t impressed with how racist he was……

Bernie Miklasz:
Cat asked Bernie if a smaller basketball is being used in the Olympics, and the guys make fun of him…..Bernie thinks Wainwright pitched more than he was originally scheduled for to get him to push himself and maybe be back quicker…..Will Carroll on The Roll Home yesterday said that he thinks what happened to Chris Carpenter was probably just more strain on that part of his arm after the initial injury…..Will thinks it is a best case scenario, but we will see after Carp is evaluated by the doctors…..It makes sense to sit him out one start……Chris Perez should’ve been the closer for a long time. He’s not ideal, but he just has to settle down at the major league level. He is good enough to get himself out of the situations he finds himself in…..Pineiro has had two great starts in a row……Hopefully the team doesn’t rush Wainwright back too soon…..Bernie thinks the Rams are doing the right thing with Steven Jackson. He can’t even stick with an agent for a long time, and they were fully prepared to negotiate a deal in the spring but he didn’t have an agent…..They offered him a deal that would’ve made him the 4th highest back in the league, and instead of coming into camp and negotiating more, Jackson has backed himself into a corner……When the offensive line is bad at blocking, Jackson is a bad back actually because he dances around and loses yards instead of powering through….. Cat said that Edmonds really didn’t mean anything by his quote Friday night, but Bernie thinks it is more complicated than that……It’s very hard for him to negotiate this type of double life he has as a Cub, but he loves St. Louis and has family here and a house……It’s hard to have one foot in St. Louis and one foot in Chicago……Tim thinks Edmonds loves St. Louis so much that it will crush him if he is booed when he comes back…..

WWE Wrestling Recap:
the “unibrow” was taken out of the audience a few weeks ago, and he fights girls. last night he challenged a woman to a fight: “don’t be a girl even though you are a girl.” he then said he would put her back in the kitchen……mike adamle made another ronald reagan comparison, and he said that ronald once told mikhael gorbachev “take down that wall” and mike told kane “give me that bag.”……

Leftover Riff Raff:
Producer Joe looks like he is ready to do some dude ranching today……People dress up like knights in Carondelet Park and fight each other……If you rearrange the first two letters in Edmonds, it spells Demons…..Cat didn’t want to be conservative anymore because of Elias……If someone says they aren’t racist, they can’t be……The issuance of anything scares Doug……Mike Lee called in but didn’t say anything when the guys went to him…… Producer Joe has been “kissed deadly”……..