Tuesday’s Show Synopsis…

Ben Boyd, Tue, 15 Jul 2008 18:33:00 GMT

Tuesday's Show Synopsis


Tim said that the interviews usually aren’t the best part of the show….He thinks Producer Joe should play back the guys’ conversations instead of just interviews during the Morning After Rewind….Doug kisses a lot of guys, and Cat is worried that he may catch mono……Cat thinks they should write a song called “I kissed a boy” because of how popular the “I kissed a girl” song is…….

sarah silverman and jimmy kimmel broke up…..cat only cares because she is jewish….the guys think sarah is considered hot only because compared to other female comedians, she is attractive…….

The guys discuss the beauty of the Landing, and that you can see anything including a microwave oven in the streets…….InBev is very cost conscious……The guys doubt that InBev is going to donate money to the city to fix up the riverfront….

Jim Edmonds sent Tim a text last night asking if he was still playing poker out in Las Vegas……Tim asked him if Jim wanted to come in studio and he asked if he was crazy …..Jim told him that he is riding Sea-Doos on a farm in St. Louis and going to light some fireworks……Tim holds out hope that Edmonds will come on in the 9 o’clock hour……

InsideSTL.com is giving away a trip to Chicago, and the lucky winner will see the Cardinals play the Cubs in Wrigley…..


Dennis Phillips:
St. Louisan Dennis Phillips just made the final table at the World Series of Poker, and he is in the chip lead……Dennis joined the show and said he just played poker for 17 hours straight, and he isn’t tired at all…….He will receive a check for $900,000 today and will fly back to Vegas for the final table in November…..Dennis changes up the way he plays….Tim played against him 2 weeks ago at Harrah’s and knocked him out…..Tim said that he already has a good reputation in St. Louis as a poker player and now everyone will know who he is….He said he isn’t going to stop working because he loves what he does and works with all his friends…..Tim said Dennis is a superstar…..Dennis wore his Cardinals cap even though Poker Stars wanted him to wear their hat or wear the Cards hat backwards……The guys believe he was offered 6 figures to wear Poker Stars logos……Dennis said it sucks that they don’t continue the tournament for such a long time…..

Jay Williamson:
jay is at the british open signing autographs when the guys get to talk to him……he said he slept for 12 hours last night and is stiff today because of the england hospitality ….john deere chartered a plane from moline, il, to england for jay, who for some reason can’t sleep on planes so he was awake the entire flight and finally fell asleep in the hotel parking lot when he arrived……jay actually has to have his caddie hold his phone for a minute while he takes a shot during the interview…..it is very windy….jay was very disappointed sunday because he felt it was his time to win, but he is happy to get to play in the british open as a consolation…..jay shot 62 on saturday which was a round of a lifetime he said….




Rick Hummel:
the commish joined the guys from the back seat of a cab in nyc……rick said the cards need a reliever who can get left-handers out…..the mets, marlins, and phillies will compete with the cards for the wild cards spot…..it would have to be a tremendous trade for them to give up colby rasmus……..brian anderson is a great hitter but just an ok catcher…..if the bullpen gets squared away, rick thinks the cards would be ok without another batter…..there must be a way to get kyle lohse for 3-4 years, but the team needs to talk to him sooner than later to lock him up…….the all-star game hasn’t lost its luster, and he likes seeing the american league guys play……

WWE Wrestling Recap:
Shane and Stephanie McMahon were very serious last night talking about their father
John Cena said that he can’t keep a smile on his face anymore, because he will be wrestling in a New York City parking lot brawl…..There is no padding in the parking lot…..The San Francisco parking lot brawl is the type that Tim likes—2 guys locked in a Subaru……

Brett Favre joined Greta Van Susteren on Fox News last night to talk about wanting to come back and play…..Brett said he is not a trader no matter what the team says because he was told that playing in Green Bay is not an option…..He also said that he was pressured into retiring too early…….It sounds like he’s ok with the Packers moving on, but he wants them to let him play somewhere else…..

Leftover Riff Raff:
Doug has been ice fishing and hasn’t been as cold as he is in the studio……Doug thinks they should pave over the cobblestone streets on the Landing……The Slyman Brothers sit on top of the Arch looking for appliances to pluck out of the river to sell……The guys wonder how hard it was to lay the phone line on the bottom of the ocean to be able to call England…..Tim thinks this was the coolest show ever because they got to talk to 2 guys living their dreams……Jim Edmonds is in St. Louis, but he still didn’t come on the show……Tim’s dad is out of town or else he would bring Tim a sandwich because he is hungry……They should get a sponsor for Doug’s racist rants…..