Tuesday’s Show Synopsis….

Ben Boyd, Tue, 08 Jul 2008 16:48:00 GMT

Tuesday's Show Synopsis


Jay Jr. is filling in for Tim again and Andy Strickland is filling in for Cat because he is with the Cardinals on this road trip.

the guys wonder how many people are left in the world series of poker, and they go over the list of celebrities who are playing, which includes jose canseco, ray romano, jennifer tilly……andy said “if you succeed on a consistent basis, you are doing something right.”

Bob Nightengale:
Bob said that the Cardinals will probably have to get more help if they are going to stay in the race……He said they need to see what Mark Mulder has and if he has pain again it may be the end of his career in St. Louis…..CC Sabathia going from the American League to the NL should dominate the competition…..The Cubs are almost forced to do something now because of the Brewers’ top two starters. Bob thinks they will go after Rich Harden or Erik Bedard……Harden is a big risk of breaking down because he is rarely healthy……Bob thinks Boston will catch Tampa Bay because they are more experienced. Tampa Bay has done a great job of identifying players to come in and help the young guys…..Kim Ng may become the first female GM in baseball, but Bob doubts it will be very soon because a lot of factors weigh into it……The fans only vote for the starting 9 All-Stars so the players are responsible for who is in the game as much as the fans…….Bob thinks Barry Bonds is done and he doesn’t think he’s even working out much anymore. Barry wasn’t even that great last year and missed a lot of pitches.

Tim McKernan:
Tim said he just randomly woke up out in Vegas so he called in……Tim agreed that he needs to make a move today to be in the game….All his friends went home on Sunday so he has been hanging out by himself in his room……Chris Moneymaker said you need 17 orbits, and Tim has more than 20. So he could fold every single hand and only lose a couple thousand chips…..Moneymaker has 68,000 chips, and most people are around 35-40,000……There are 4 guys at Tim’s table who have less chips for him……Tim said he needs to be like Notorious B.I.G.’s song Ready to Die when he is playing……..There are people in the tournament who $10,000 means nothing to them so they have an advantage of being able to be more aggressive and not worrying about losing their money…….If Tim can hold on through today then he will be in the money Thursday…….The top 666 players win money with the 666 winning $21,000.


Doug got a speeding ticket for the first time in 20 years, and he can’t decide if he should just pay it or get a lawyer……A caller said that Doug will lose his safe driving discounts if he doesn’t get the ticket changed to a non-moving violation.

Rick Hummel:
the commish actually was changing channels last night and watched wwe wrestling for a few minutes but then changed it……his favorite wrestler used to jump in the air and kick you in the face with both feet……..rick said the cardinals need to give mark mulder more than one start to see what he has left……hummel doesn’t have any expectations for mark but it is a daunting task to face the phillies anywhere, but especially in their ballpark…..whenever the cubs come to town, tony larussa has a little different persona……it may have affected jim edmonds play……tony and jim’s relationship was good when he left, and it would probably still be fine if he wasn’t with the cubs…….joel pineiro needs to win a game soon whether he pitches well or not…..since wainwright got hurt, neither todd wellemeyer nor pineiro have won a game……..rick said he thinks kyle lohse should be in the all-star game, and maybe he still has a chance because some pitchers who start on sunday don’t want to be in the game……doug thinks edmonds is the greatest centerfielder in cards history…..rick said he would’ve liked to see terry moore play. the top 4 centerfielders according to rick are curt flood, willie mcgee, jim edmonds, and terry moore, and maybe jim would win out because he had the strongest arm……doug said terry moore once caught a ball in foul territory when he was playing center.


WWE Wrestling Recap:
last night stephanie mcmahon came out to address the fans and she implored “everyone to work as one” while her father is out. last night there was a fatal four way match…..towards the end of the show last night, cain turned and became a heel…….

Chris Perez:
It seems like the Cards have played a lot of good teams lately…..Chris said he tries to learn stuff as everything goes along…..Chris heard a couple guys say that CC Sabathia is a good addition for the Brewers, but he said they have to worry about what they are doing, and can’t worry about what the Brewers or Cubs do…..Everyone is interested in how Mulder will pitch Thursday. Chris said that Mark will be on a pitch count and however many innings he throws will hopefully be good innings…..Chris prefers to pitch out of the bullpen because if a starter has a bad game, they have to think about it for 5 days whereas a reliever gets right back in there…..This is the first time Chris has been to Philadelphia so he plans on walking around the city and see what it’s like……The first couple outings are kind of easy, but once teams know what you can do, it gets more difficult. Perez is working on his slider, but right now he is mainly a power pitcher…..The veteran guys in the bullpen share information with Chris when they see something during a game that they think can help him…..When a move is made you kind of get nervous because you really don’t know if they are going to send you down again or not…….During the All-Star break Chris is going to a lake and go fishing the entire time.

Leftover Riff Raff:

Strickland loves waking up early……Doug took Heather Thomas down off the background of the computer in the studio and put up the picture of Tim with Andy Dick…….Howard Balzer is the best Karaoke singer in St. Louis…..The only song Doug knows all the words to is Happy Birthday…….Tiger Woods curses a lot while he is playing…..There are only a couple last names in South Korea—-Park, Lee,……If you learn anything from A-Rod, you should get a pre-nup…… Doug needs to call A-Rod’s lawyer (who is also representing Shaq)…..