Tuesday’s Show Synopsis…..

Ben Boyd, Tue, 01 Jul 2008 17:16:00 GMT

Tuesday's Show Synopsis


cat said you aren’t a winner at the world series of poker unless you have the bracelet so he and doug pooled their money and bought/made a bracelet holder. it is very elaborate and they had to shave off the expos logo from the top of it….they worked for hours on it and doug sanded it down.

Cat said that it doesn’t look like the Mets are playing with fire because they are so talented, yet just a .500 team……Tim is looking forward to watching the Cards play the Cubs while he is in Vegas this weekend……Jim Edmonds seems to be worried about not getting a standing ovation when he returns Friday night. The guys think he’s crazy because Mark Mulder got a standing ovation walking out on the field last night……Doug said Cat can lure Edmonds to come on the pre-game show by wearing a half-shirt…..J-Rod’s attitude changed and he isn’t mad at Cat anymore so maybe Jim can get over it too.

InsideSTL.com should be headquartered in Edmonds’ house he is trying to sell for $2 million here in St. Louis…..Tim said it would be like the Playboy Mansion, and Cat said it would look more like the “Schmitt’s Gay” beer commercial with all of Producer Joe’s guy friends in speedo’s.

If Cat won $1 million, he’d rent a big old truck and buy around 500,000 oatmeal crème pies and hand them out and smile from on top of his truck. He’d say, “Enjoy your treat.” …….Cat said a little thing like that could help the economy so much that St. Louis would become the #2 city in commerce in the country.


Tim reads a sound-off letter in the Post-Dispatch from a guy who can’t stand the wave……Tim agrees with him, but Tim doesn’t hate the wave itself, but he hates people yelling at you to get up and do the wave……He said all people do in St. Louis is yell at you to sit down at Cardinals and Rams games even though you are cheering, and then some hoosier in jean shorts with no shirt yells at you to stand up and do the wave…..
In Bev is going to force employees to do the wave.

Jeff Passan:
Jeff has incorporated a new thing into his column: angry Cardinal fan of the week……If you want to win the fan base over all you have to do is refer to them as the best fans in baseball……Jeff refuses to call Red Sox fans Red Sox Nation……Jeff thinks if Adam Wainwright can come back and be the Cards’ ace, they can probably make the playoffs… Albert Pujols is a one of a kind player, and Jeff thinks it’s a toss up between who is the best player in baseball between Pujols and A-Rod……Jeff thinks that fans recognize that Pujols is a great player, but they might not realize how great he is…..Albert said he returned from injury so fast because of God and because of his work ethic…..It’s really a phenomenal thing to watch his body heal……Jeff said that any team could use another starting pitcher so maybe the Cards could pick one up. He suggested AJ Burnett as a perfect pitcher to go out there and get.….Jeff salivates for a Cards vs. Cubs playoff series this fall. It would be fun to watch, and he knows how much it would mean to people in the Midwest.

WWE Wrestling Recap:
shane mcmahon opened the program last night. “most of you know my father was the victim of a horrible accident.” pull together in this time of uncertainty…….doug said that vince needed a vacation and he is at hedo eating a hotdog with sherman helmsley…..cat said that his accident was rigged. he said that he saw someone flip a switch and then the scaffolding fell…… “the stormy combatants” are the tag team champs right now according to cat.


Kyle Lohse:
Kyle said it felt good going after New York and getting a win…..He said that his arm is usually more sore the second day after he pitches…..Lohse said it was a little personal last night too because New York pursued him in the off-season, but left him hanging…..Last night he had his curve ball working well, and in the past he only used his other 3 pitches…….When you see one guy go out there and win and make it look a little easy, it is contagious among the other pitchers……Todd Wellemeyer’s nickname is “Todallian” and Kyle said that everyone called him that when he came to the team…… It would be a great honor to be an All-Star, but it isn’t up to him….Kyle was able to stay in shape this spring and was ready to go when the Cardinals signed him…….Kyle said it will be a tough decision for him to make because he is enjoying playing in St. Louis and playing for LaRussa and Duncan……He said if the Cardinals don’t resign him, he will have to look at what all the teams offer him in free agency, but he hinted that he would like to stay in St. Louis too.

Chris Moneymaker:
cat told chris that tim is scared to play in the tournament because he talks so much trash. moneymaker said that there is no reason to be scared……he is very disappointed in how he played in his most recent omaha tournament yesterday because he lost 60,000 chips in one hand. chris had been playing a lot of omaha and thought he had a good chance……he said it is fun to play with a bunch of guys who are inexperienced at the world series of poker because he will just keep raising till they fold each time in the beginning…..it makes it tough at poker parties because guys tell him they play because they watched him back in 2003. he said he is just a normal guy so it is weird when he thinks about that…….chris told tim that the first couple hours that he is playing at the tournament he will be nervous ……they usually get rid of around 1/3 of the participants on the first day…..moneymaker’s advice: 1. don’t go broke with one pair; 2. enjoy the experience; 3. remember that it is just a tournament and relax…..moneymaker pays for the tournament with cash so he doesn’t know how any else does it. he tells tim he can just pay for it with $10,000 cash.

Leftover Riff Raff:
Tim looks like the Gerber baby……Doug said he will try to fix Tim’s miss-shaped head……..Producer Joe likes Virginia Slims……When someone stands up in front of Doug at a game, he says “sit your keister down.”……Oates (from Hall & Oates) went bankrupted from buying 5 planes……Mike Tyson was a financial genius……The Arch smells like B.O…….Tim’s previous radio show was better than this one……In Bev is going to force employees to do the wave……Someone emailed in that Tim’s nickname should be “short stack”….Cat said it should be “Sugar Tank.”