Tuesday’s Show Synopsis.

Ben Boyd, Tue, 05 Aug 2008 16:40:00 GMT

Tuesday's Show Synopsis

It’s a hot day so you have to wear short sleeves…..It’s a show chock full of celebrities and sports information….. They had tornado warnings at the Cubs game last night……
Jim Edmonds leapt into the arms of Derrick Lee when they were sitting next to each other in the dugout last night when there was a lightning strike.…. Cat ate 23 chicken wings at Culpeppers last night, and the chef was taken out of the kitchen in handcuffs by 3 police officers……

Dennis Phillips:
dennis is the world series of poker chip leader…..cat said that the difference between tim and dennis is that dennis is first class and he is a very good poker player….he did 4 radio interviews in one day…..he said it’s hard to get work done……dennis is going to play in poker stars tournaments in barcelona and london, and they are going to pay for everything…….“tim’s a pretty good player.”…… he played in a charity game last week, and he lost to a guy who had a absolutely nothing—–king junk…ou get your money in with your best hand, and if you lose there is nothing you can do about it.….. dennis said that he has more than 100 friends, family, and co-workers going to vegas when he plays in the championship…..cat wants to go to vegas to see blue man group…..tim’s poker tournament is tomorrow night at f15teen with dealers from local casinos. the buy-in is free, but a donation of $100 is suggested, and if you make the donation, you can get free food and drink from 5pm to midnight for $25……the $100 will go to charity…..dennis’ friends still treat him the same…..he is the 3 to 1 odds on winner when he resumes play in november in las vegas…….dennis said he will go out there and play like he normally does…..he hasn’t talked to the other 8 finalists, and he has been getting offers from professional players, but he hasn’t taken anyone on as a mentor…….dennis thinks he will have a bulls eye on his back, and he won’t be able to bluff because everyone else will try to take him down…..

Last night the Brewers were losing to Cincinnati when Manny Para came out of the game and headed to the clubhouse, but Prince Fielder told him to watch them hit. When Para said no, Fielder shoved him and popped him in the face…..They had to be separated….. Ned Yost said that it’s not a big deal, and he compared it to your neighbors fighting and going over to see what happened. But that is ridiculous because it happened in the open in a public stadium with cameras, not in the locker room……The guys think it was a poor response by Yost chiding reporters because it wasn’t a private incident…..

Jay Glazer reported this morning on FoxSports.com that Brett Favre’s career with Green Bay is at best in limbo, and at worst over……Tim said that it seems like ever since the Packers told him they didn’t want him back, he is determined to play for their arch rival Vikings……Doug speculated that Green Bay may take a huge salary cap hit if they traded him.……Aaron Rodgers is in a no-win situation…..The guys were worried that Packers’ coach would kill himself in the meeting last night because Brett told him a poker story like one of McKernan’s…….

Gabe DeArmond:
gabe said it is 94 degrees at missouri’s practice field……there isn’t really many positions that are in doubt who is going to start…..the offensive line is something to watch, but it’s hard to tell when they just have shorts and t-shirts on. they can wear pads next week……chase daniel has been in the spotlight since he was in high school, and he shouldn’t be flustered by the high expectations on the team, but gabe said they need to guard against the notion that if they have a loss, it is a disappointing season……gary pinkel is a lot calmer and a lot closer to his players than he has been in the past…..gabe thinks gary changed fundamentally when aaron o’neal died. van alexander, and this year’s seniors came into mizzou with o’neal…..columbia is a unique market because it is covered by two major cities and the university has a large journalism department……. next year will be a step back for missouri, but it depends what kind of step back it will be……he said you do everything you can this year to win that national championship because unless you are one of the handful of teams who has a chance to win every year, you don’t know the next time you will have a chance of winning it all……chase daniel’s ceiling in the draft is no higher than a third round draft pick because of his size. gabe said that if he can get on someone’s practice field, he thinks he can make an nfl team….
William Franklin is currently the Chiefs #3 receiver, and Dwayne Bowe has taken him under his wing…..Gabe thinks Franklin will start on opening day……

Doug said the Cards could use Jim Edmonds off the bench for the past month…….
If Edmonds is happy, he has a better chance of playing well…..Tim said he thinks this might not be Edmonds’ last year…..Cat said if Edmonds was still here, he doesn’t think you would see the same thing that has happened in the clubhouse this year…..

U-Gas Wrestling Recap:
about a year ago, mike adamle was a sports director in chicago, and now he is the new general manager of monday night raw…….mike compared himself to ronald reagan and said that first impressions can be wrong……he apologized for mispronouncing a few wrestlers’ names…….the former gm william regal was whacked for being on juice……..bautista and john cena are the new tag team champions, but they will face each other in an upcoming pay-per-view…….

John Mozeliak:
It was refreshing to see Chris Carpenter pitching in Atlanta, and he will be on a pitch count tonight…..John said their expectations are for him to keep us close…..Adam Wainwright should be out for a rehab by the weekend, which is huge for the rotation…… Whether he is a starter or reliever depends on what the club’s needs are, but he threw 80 pitches the other day so arm strength shouldn’t be a problem……If they thought they could make a move that would really help the team they were going to do it, but they couldn’t find a trade partner willing to swap players…..He said it would’ve been great to make a deal, but he has to look out for the best interest of the Cardinals in the big picture. …….There are a lot of younger players competing for playing time, and they are finally getting it. If you look at the 2003 club, there were a lot of veterans who were looking for an impact bat to come in and help. This year, a lot of the players were happy that Mo didn’t break up this team……John said that on Wednesday, he really thought they were going to get something done with Fuentes, but at mid-morning on Thursday he realized Colorado just wasn’t going to move him……A lot of teams thought it made more sense to hold onto their players……There is still activity even though you need waivers on a player…..Cat is intrigued by the life of a GM and asked what it was like leading up to the deadline—-being on the phone almost constantly during the week…..The guy who teams asked about the most is Joe Mather besides Colby Rasmus……Chris Duncan had surgery yesterday and immediately felt the pain relief……..Brett Wallace will seem some advancement at some point this season……

Leftover Riff Raff:
Cat said that the Belgians might have taken over, but the Budweiser still taste good to him….Producer Joe is wearing his summer sweater……Tim is the leader of the new school…….The guys think John Mazelike listens to the show and writes in to email of the day under the name P Hump……The roller coaster Fire in the Hole is the ride to go on at Silver Dollar City……Doug wouldn’t like to vacation at a “crap house”……..Cougar Helmkamp shot down the show broadcasting from Hedo……Cat can make an envelope out of a pterodactyl, but they went extinct right around of the time of Nirvana 17 years ago……..