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Producer Joe, Tue, 06 Oct 2009 11:20:00 GMT

SEGMENT 1–Charlie and Joe Together For the First Time Since Arguing Last Week, Doug Is Going to Los Angeles But Has to Go to Memphis First, Why Did the Airline Industry in St. Louis Dry Up, the Rules to Sitting in the Middle Seat, Tim Is Regretting Not Setting Up a Trip for the Radio Program to go to LA, and Looking Back to the 2006 Playoff Trip to New York City—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 2–Doug Would Like to Take Notes Today But Once Again All His Pens Are Gone Again, Someone Left Another Present for Us In the Bathroom This Morning, Using the Top Hat for Special Occasions, Winning Emmy’s Mean Nothing in Your Career, Judging Other Markets Emmy Nominations, Where Does Doug Display His Emmy Awards, and Your House Should Be a Shrine to Yourself—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 3–Can’t Remember a Night In St. Louis Sports Meaning More Than Thursday Night, Hoping that the Yankees Decide to Start Their Series on Wednesday, People’s Issues with Rush Possibly Becoming an Owner in the St. Louis Rams, Checketts/Rush Are Just 1 of a Number of People Looking to Purchase Chip’s Portion of the Team, and Tim Doesn’t Have Any Issues with Rush Being An Owner—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 4–Joe Theismann Joins the Show to Talk About Speaking with Tim’s Dad, Is Chris Long a Bust, Looking at the Monday Night Game, His Thoughts on Rush Buying into the Rams, the Rams Just Don’t Have the Talent Right Now, and Trying to Get out of the Vikings Game Without Getting a QB Killed—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 5–Rams General Manager Billy Devaney Joins the Show to Talk About Being Excited About the Cardinals Playoffs Starting Up, Feeling Like the Rams Aren’t Holding Up Their End of the Deal Right Now, What Does He See As the Long Term Future of the Guys On This Team, Paying the Price for Being One of the Youngest Teams In the League, and Trying to Keep the Morale Up Around Rams Park Right Now, Plus Liking the Way Devaney Handles the Situation at Rams Park—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 6–Doug Thinks Going to LA Will Be a Lot of Fun, Time for the WWE Wresling Recap Brought to You By Berman Chiropractic and Jim Hayes Enterprises with Audio From Santino and Big Ben, Plus Doug Is Still Upset About All the Jewish Talk in Wrestling—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 7–Gabe DeArmond Joins the Show to Talk About Being Happy to be a Part of On-Air Production Meetings, Weather Is Going to Be Nasty Possibly on Thursday Night, Big Time Rain Will Help Nebraska, Nebraska Is Going to Be In a Dime Offense All Night, Mizzou’s Running Game Needs to Be Strong to Win the Game, Talk About Last Years Alleged Spitting Incident, and What Is the Atmosphere Like In Columbia Right Now—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 8–Al Hrabosky Joins the Show to Talk About Waiting It Out to Get Things Started, Stupid Wrinkles Allowing the Yankees to Pick When They Start Their Stories, Taking a Shot at The Cat for Not Calling Into the Show, Looking at the Series Against the Dodgers and His Prediction, Concerns About Franklin, Is He Worried About the Way the Cardinals Closed Out the Season, and One Thing Can Happen in Postseason Play that Changes the Complexion of a Series—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 9–The Ticket Guys Email of the Day—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN