TMA – Segment 3: XM’s Craig Mish on Stanton plus Hotshots EOTD

Sirius XM radio host Craig Mish joins us to discuss his tweet about Giancarlo Stanton not being at all interested in St. Louis, interesting reaction to the interview via the text line, Sea Monster’s mic won’t work when called upon, is Larry Nickel trying to arrange the more popular MMF with the Ballsacks, Giancarlo has an insane cage in Miami, should you risk blindness to watch an eclipse, Madison Ivy has returned to the industry, Plowsy explains 1/8 to Doug, #AudioFun from Mia Khalifa’s movie review on Dunkirk, Iggy still holds a grudge against Mia, if the Rangers are moving Darvish should the Cardinals consider selling as well, will Lance Lynn be emotional tonight, can Lynn’s agent look at Leake’s contract as a floor for negotiations, Email of the Day.