TMA – Segment 3: Whoa it’s Joey Lawrence & Email of the Day

Joey Lawrence’s latest jam brings us back, The Cat has questions about Charlie’s wedding gifts and how the proceeds have been divided, whoa Joey Lawrence joins the presentation, we’re disappointed that Joey wouldn’t give us a whoa at the end, The Cat once got a chop from Ric Flair, should Joey feel obligated to keep performing his teenage catch phrase, is Jim Gaffigan still doing his Hot Pockets routine, we’re still talking about Joey not giving us that whoa, does Doug have stolen buffet elbow, more #AudioFun from the Barstool chicks, Plowsy is down on these Barstool gals, Cat and Charlie do their old man Doug impressions, additional #FunWithAudio of Teddy Atlas and Stephen A. Smith’s insightful fight analysis, Doug refuses to reprise his FS1 shtick, Charlie and The Cat goad him into a Cardinals rant, one final piece of audio from Lady Gaga’s upcoming documentary, Iggy defends her honor, The Cat is still miffed by Joey, will Doug accompany Iggy to the Gaga concert, #EOTD