TMA – Segment 3: Tournament of Drops & Email of the Day

It’s just another Manic Monday, should Tim have been an FM jock, The Cat has maintained relations with Steve Aoki, debating “why” drops, how do you format the Tourney of Drops, Swope is still trying to find the elusive Ted Danson drop, discussing which drops are really top contenders for the crown, the Shrewsbury Seminary Student phones into the program, back to the golf banter, who is Luke List, Draft Kings strategy for PGA, a listener wants to play golf with Tim in Florida, Chris Hrabe taunted Dex at the Honda Classic, Vaughn says Insurance Adjusters take off to play golf quite often, we talk murder a lot on this program, Doug talks about his golf game and gear, Swope and Lefty Jacksmear are assembling the tournament bracket of drops, Iggy wants a more realistic sex doll, Ryan Kelley made an interesting revelation on Swope’s Picks, Doug wonders what happened to ole Timberfake, Lunardi just released his updated brackets, Hoffman reads the Hotshots Email of the Day.