TMA – Segment 3: Tim’s golf game, Jennings on feet, Email of the Day

#FunWithAudio from Charlize Theron on feet, Jennings scouts her work on WikiFeet, recapping last Thursday’s #FFF, what is Charlize’s least favorite food, more on Iggy and Tim’s golf match yesterday, someone named Mitch bought them booze, Tim has an impressive swing, Iggy has watched a video featuring Gaga doing naked yoga, would Doug be good at Ping Pong, will Plowsy host a poker game, Strode stories, is the stream down, drunk drivers used to crash into Vaughn’s front yard as a child, discussing LPGA outfits, PGA Pro Dan checks into the show, Tim’s phone is a detriment to his game, Jennings wants to get Mrs. Ballsack over to his cage for a session, does Mrs. Dotem have feet issues, discussing Mississippi Nights, more nitwittery, Hotshots Email of the Day.