TMA – Segment 3: Tim goes inside baseball & Email of the Day

TMA is approaching its 13th anniversary so how should we celebrate, Doug is approaching 10 years with this fine presentation, will this stuff be covered by the Sports Radio PD, Tim has some inside baseball on the industry, the coverage of this station compared to others in the market is surprising, Mae Young’s Newborn Hand is in Doug’s crosshairs, discussing the song Click, more riveting talk about rap music, do pineapple posts need to be banned from the Fan Page, why are there so many trolls on there now, how much time does Plowsy spend on that page per day, is Mrs. Ballsack into Tim, Scott’s Wrinkled Ballsack isn’t happy with Iggy’s description of his special lady friend, Doug is asked about pegging, Lady Beercats wants to join the Fan Page, Shrewsbury Seminary Student calls into the presentation, another caller has a note on the sound-off section, Tim says Millie Bobby Brown is the next Natalie Portman, Dotem tries to get back in after Mae Young’s disqualification, caddy stories from Iggy, more golf talk, classic Larry drop, assorted nitwittery, Hotshots Email of the Day.