TMA – Segment 3: Talking turn-on’s with Biff, Rick Hummel, EOTD

What genre of music is Ween exactly, Ben Fred doesn’t trust net worth info found online, paying off Iggy’s deep tease, should women be allowed to fart and spit in Strode’s presence, Plowsy likes to fire poop bombs with the bathroom door open, is women cussing a turn on, Biff joins the radio program, Pyramid of Pleasure is closed now apparently, did Iggy ever dance at Boxers and Briefs, remembering Doug’s canary yellow leisure suit, discussing more fashion trends, do gentlemen ever wear mom jeans, Hall of Fame reporter Rick Hummel joins from Arizona, what hat will The Commish wear this weekend, Luke Voit trained at 314 Sports, Ben Fred got shamed in the batting cages at Tower Tee by his fiancée, rehashing how pitbulls were described as a gun on a leash, Ben says stop comparing people to animals, Hotshots Email of the Day.