TMA – Segment 3: Stepdad Hotbeds, Chase, and #EOTD

“Captain Save a Hoe” is a very explicit song, reacting to the Goold conversation last hour, would Stanton live in Kirkwood or Rock Hill, Doug talks about how he evaluates women’s appearance, Plowsy says he hasn’t seen many beautiful gals, are divorce rates lower here rather than Miami, how does Doug explain the STD rate in St. Louis, the gong goes down, talking Stepdad hotbed cities, Iggy enjoys a burnt end sandwich, more fun from Francesa, Iggy and Hoffman researched old Playboys, Blues analyst Kelly Chase joins presented by Petro-Mart, more scandalous news from Hollywood, all of these statements sound similar, the number of these accusations is astounding and the behavior is tough to comprehend, Hotshots Email of the Day.