TMA – Segment 3: Random nitwittery plus the Hotshots EOTD

Lesbian Seagull brings us back from break, updating Tim’s Gallup Poll, how will injuries to both Kershaw and Strasburg impact the National League and the trade market for starters, ESPN showed an anti-Cards bias again last night which spurs an FS1 Doug rant, more spirited conversation on the Cardinals, more Thrones reaction on the text line, listeners want us to give Eastern and Mountain time as well, was the Tyler O’Neill acquisition an homage to The Cat, Tim discusses the results of a study on baldness and its impact on the attractiveness of men, more nonsense from the text line, did Kutcher get cucked twice, trying to make sense of Spieth’s post-game comments, is Paul De Jong already on a Hall of Fame pace, The Cat is impressed by his coolness, Luke Voit is a confirmed TMA listener, how often does polling change your mind on an issue, will Doug pivot to celebrity candidates, should John McCain vacate his Senate seat while fighting cancer, Hotshots Email of the Day.