TMA – Segment 3: Plow Boy has skinned a coon for weed

Plowsy has a great smile and he’s kicking it in Canton this weekend, does Lady Beercats still send Snaps to Iggy, Joe Buck and Nelly have allegedly seen The Cat’s son play hoops, talking podcast numbers and QFTA, congrats to Frank Cusumano on his award, pro tip for ordering at Shake Shack, Tim is getting bot likes on Twitter, Lisa Ann is helping Iggy to connect with people at the AVN’s, will he also interview some creepy fans, which Cards player is the scrappiest now, Plow Boy has skinned a coon for weed, Cuts of the Week, Britons don’t care about the NFL, checking out the golf world rankings, what does Doug know about caddying, Iggy lists people who have made contact with his butt, Earl Woods was allegedly friends with Strode, Tin Cup is such a great film, talking David Feherty and Spring Training accommodations, bears are attacking people in Naples, Email of the Day.