TMA – Segment 3: Planning a Road Trip for Doug & Victor

Discussing if Doug can make any money off the song Daddy Butter, Iggy likes to play teasers on My Bookie, Iggy talks man-crushes, Blues analyst Kelly Chase joins us now courtesy of Petro-Mart, any of us gone (or played?) curling, what about shuffleboard, discussing retirement communities and how Doug stealing breakfast actually helps the economy, more Victor banter and work-shopping a road trip for Vaughn, Charlie brags about the stain on his hardwood floors, Plow Boy’s lady friend is shedding, discussing Pinewood Derby car construction, Cat and Doug bicker about sanding and power tools, shocker that the text line is preoccupied with Iggy Strode’s alleged nefarious activities, what was the Trial of the Century, Hotshots Email of the Day.