TMA – Segment 3: Nitwittery galore, Cuts & Drops, EOTD

Doug and The Cat banter about the Andy Williams return music, forecasting the weather today and predicting what kind of reception Freese will receive again this evening, Doug doesn’t like the term baseball man, Vaughn gives us a scouting report on an unnamed prospect, Iggy pivots us towards playing some #FunWithAudio, is Schaeffer the De Jong of TMA today, The Cat isn’t happy with the Plowsy sanctioned sex party instructional sound clip, Iggy has stories … this time about rock bands, somehow Lady Gaga is discussed again, what is the definition of a nature walk, Doug won’t serenade Painter Guy for his birthday, Iggy’s Drops of the Week presented by The Post Sports Bar and Grill, up next is the completely different Bertarelli Cutlery Cuts of the Week, is PLTD allowed in Philly, EOTD with Iggy on the read.