TMA – Segment 3: Nitwittery Galore, Cardinals chatter, plus EOTD

Captain’s Log for what is coming up the next 8 days, will Fox Sports Midwest or KMOV cover Tim’s golf match against Jennings, will Larry and Plowsy call the action on FB Live, Iggy wants to binge Game of Thrones again before the new season, why is Emilia Clarke hotter as Khaleesi, Iggy once used a body double for Mickey Carroll, people sent angry pitbull related messages to Tim, was Scottie Pippen in town to play golf with Marcus Allen, is it time to sell stock in Lana Rhoades, discussing Lambert Airport and if we’ll take a call from Hockey Bob, would Doug respond to The Cat’s poll, John Vaughn continues to draw the ire of his father, results to Tim’s poll on the Cardinals, Doug predicts a trade for a reliever from the Indians, more trade related and NL Central conversation, Hotshots Email of the Day.