TMA – Segment 3: Nitwittery Galore and Hotshots Email of the Day

Jay Jr. is having a big day on Twitter, Jim calls into the presentation and prompts Doug to raise his voice,  should TMA stage a summer camp, do women dig hairy dudes, discussing Charles Darwin and did he use blow, what’s it like to touch a dolphin, Caller Adam checks into the program, Ben Fred discusses his hair growth patterns, horrible things happen to Tim when he has a beard, listening to the greatest country song of All-Time, #FunWithAudio from Stingray singing his walk-up music, swinger and farming chatter, still taking texts on country music, we’re seeing Pineapple merchandise everywhere now, Lady Beercats is texting pics to Iggy, why didn’t Strode accept her pool invite, our listeners have their children yelling TIRED OF IT, more preview of Duel in the Sun II, what is a butterfly kiss, is it better to walk the golf course, Hotshots Email of the Day.