TMA – Segment 3: Mike Lee, Biff, random nitwittery, plus EOTD

Charlie loves him some Teen Wolf, boy it’s a slow news week in sports, why is Lavar Ball sucking up so much air time, Doug suggests that basketball players should cherry-pick on offense, PGA Pro Dan joins the program to explain why he’ll retire if Tim loses to Jay on Friday, Doug details his battle with chiggers, more women’s golf chatter, Mike Lee joins the presentation, Charlie has knowledge on wrestlers, joining next is Biff to update us on the DB’s Golf Tourney and dress down Doug, Iggy tried texting Janine again, would people pay to talk to Doug on the phone, Leonardo DiCaprio is proud of his dad bod, discussing former hot spots in St. Louis, #FunWithAudio from Keith Hernandez mocking the Cardinals base-running, Biff is texting Sapphic photos to Tim, Hotshots Email of the Day.