TMA – Segment 3: Manscaping talk with Tucker, EOTD, and more

It’s another sick Ween Wednesday, where does Doug podcast the show, Tim owns a Wade Boggs rookie card, discussing why Iggy shaves his armpits, we still can’t understand how Prod Joe carved his landing strip, do women enjoy a gentleman who manscapes, Tucker chimes in on the convo, Doug doesn’t want to hear vein or nest, more on Pelusi’s landy, Tucker updates us on his quest to uncover lesbianism, a wide-ranging conversation keeps unfolding with Tucksy, do people actually carry cash anymore, will the wife of Mr. Tribbers come to TMA Live tomorrow, what kind of pic did Plowsy see exactly, which peninsula did family Sack and Tribbers and Mr. Nipples grow up on in Illinois, Hotshots Email of the Day.