TMA – Segment 3: Love My Feet Day, Brad Nessler, plus #EOTD

The Goonies soundtrack provides our return beat, Doug isn’t happy with Mizzou’s practice helmets but he is on board with power washing, which college football teams does Jay like, discussing classic Mizzou teams, what makes coaches cry on the sidelines, Vaughn is still upset about the uniforms, Plow Boy wreaks havoc with classic Trump drops, why hasn’t Plops emailed in yet, is today National Love My Feet Day, #FunWithAudio of the Barstool chicks talking Bachelor in Paradise, Plowsy’s new paramour will be in attendance tonight, CBS broadcaster Brad Nessler joins the program to discuss his first year as the lead SEC commentator on Saturday afternoons, why is College FB experiencing so much growth among younger viewers, on the opposite end why is College Basketball not compelling, there will be hot wives with neat feet on hand tonight, discussing the starlet Riley Nixon, should Plow Boy have played drops during Tucker’s call yesterday, Email of the Day.