TMA – Segment 3: Jim Edmonds, Tranny Talk, E-mail of the Day

Everyone should have a theme song, Doug still doesn’t think guys should lay their clothes out the night before, Iggy on dime pieces and pink shorts, Cardinals HOF’er and Fox Sports analyst Jim Edmonds joins the radio program, who is on the Phillies nowadays, discussing actors who played opposite of Tom Hank, talking about Steven Tyler, the Warriors lose money by sweeping, listeners have queries about the porn available on XHamster, Plowsy makes it rain with Francesa drops, more discussion on the adult industry, Buck Swope sent a lengthy email to Tim about Cardinals road caps, Jay wants to fondle the feet of the woman attached to Matt Who Bowls at Hanks, why is Injun Joe engaged and not married after 7 years, Jennings would like to be adopted and/or a kept man, Plowsy volunteers to become a little servant boy, the Goob 11 has outlasted the CJ 6, Plow Boy wonders what his life would be like as a girl doing porn, what’s Doug doing for the Fourth of July, Hotshots Email of the Day.