TMA – Segment 3: Iggy Refuses to Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving

Gabe DeArmond of Power Mizzou joins the presentation to talk all things Michael Porter Jr, Charlie has some Viking horns that he purchased in Iceland, thanks to Wayne Turley from Catherine Cares for an early Thanksgiving treat, more teasing from The Cat Chat Podcast, does anybody have a hearth in their home, singing over Charlie’s live read, why do folks enjoy Black Friday shopping, does Jay like to golf in the cold, how many people will play Normandie on Thanksgiving Day, Iggy dislikes turkey and chicken breasts, looking at the Thanksgiving NFL match-ups, Iggy met the Viking Queen, Jay is intrigued by Mrs. Dotem, Iggy hasn’t received any nudes on Snapchat yet, discussing fave side dishes and desserts, Jennings is thankful for the TMA Fan Page, who has access to the texts, what are the super foods, Email of the Day.