TMA – Segment 3: Iggy on Miss Hotshots and the AVN’s

Iggy recounts his evening as a judge for Miss Hotshots last Friday, Jennings sidled up next to Lern therefore cucking Strode, what’s a Buck Swope joint, Biff paid to sit by the stage, no pasties were allowed, Iggy updates us on his AVN interview requests including Tushy and the Vixen Angels, will Iggy hook up with a C-List porn star in Vegas, how in the world did Gentle get credentialed as a celebrity photographer, texters aren’t happy with Strode, Fun with Audio from a Tony La Russa interview, would Iggy work in porn, Plow Boy has received intel that step-girls are now out in the industry, Luke Weaver shouted out Cat’s podcast at the Winter Warm-up, Mikolas is tired of the lizard questions, Japanese hitters foul off pitches intentionally, breaking news as Mike Mularkey is no longer coaching the Tennessee Titans, this new logule looks like something out of an Indiana Jones movie, Tim’s having issues with his garage door opener, Charlie just installed some car seats, Plowsy wants to keep getting more dogs, Frank did TV journalism on Salt + Smoke, Vaughn still owes $100 to Charlie for Fantasy Football, Hotshots Email of the Day.