TMA – Segment 3: Iggy is taking Mike Lee’s girl to Gaga

Plowsy asks Doug how to find dad-on-dad time while you’re out with the family, assorted golf chatter, who will prevail when Jennings faces Cletus on Friday, what does Iggy do as caddy for Jay, Plow Boy talks about his gal pal, Doug shares an old school pick-up line, Hayes asks for a peak behind on the curtain on Tim’s fancy life, a random stranger was admiring Tim’s thick beard yesterday, Doug breaks the Thorough Lemmings Gong with a hearty strike, nice things just happen when you sit on the Kirkwood Brewhouse patio, Ken phones in to talk about Tim’s beard and shrubs, AJ is up next with a take on our interview with Cara Spencer yesterday, following up is Billy and/or Ken with Barstool knowledge, back to the phones again with Chris who also has a take on Cara Spencer’s appearance, Manuel Ferrara was trolling for anal on Twitter last night, Iggy plans to take Carlie to the Lady Gaga concert and Mike Lee is going to be pissed, Strode thinks he’ll get a meet and greet with Lady Gaga again, Carlie’s days might be numbered, what are people’s earliest memories, is tough to imagine Iggy as a youngster, Hayes sings, Email of the Day.