TMA – Segment 3: Iggy digs Rose McGowan plus #EOTD

When was the last time Tim’s birthday fell on Ween Wednesday, Iggy has had it with Janine, will a porn star phone into the program to celebrate Tim’s birthday, Plow Boy sounds excited about the potential of interviewing the male performers for a podcast, Brazzers House had a controversial winner, fun with Keisha Grey drops, Fun with Audio featuring Rose McGowan, Iggy thinks she’s a classic beauty, Larry Nickel’s FB Live went haywire again due to the comments, whatever happened to Meg Ryan, does Rose have a fake mole, discussing bad hair transplant decisions, Plowsy is being forced to trim his lengthy nipple hairs, can you make vests out of human hair, why don’t people trim their eyebrow and ear hair follicles, David Cline of Hedonism texts in a provocative question, where does the baldness gene come from, reporters in Oklahoma City are really nervous apparently, Hotshots Email of the Day.