TMA – Segment 3: Iggy as the next Hot Felon plus #EOTD

The return music puts Chuck in a seductive mood, sadly George Michael is no longer alive, why was Charlie tweeting about the voice of Westwood One and more importantly why was his salad yesterday underwhelming, talking about Merril Hoge’s ties, we bring back audio of V/O auditions for the station last year that went badly, Plow Boy talks about the Hot Felon, could Iggy do 9 years in prison without butt play, when can we share spoilers for Narcos, Marlow regales us about American Vandal, Iggy’s Gobble Bowl is coming up this Saturday, we don’t know if the NFL is still tax exempt or not, will the new Rams stadium in L.A. be a tourist destination, Iggy begs for concert tickets, the NFL is hypocritical with patriotism, some Fan Page members aren’t happy with our football chatter, Email of the Day.