TMA – Segment 3: Hall of Fame takes plus the Hotshots #EOTD

The Cat wants to invest in Jay Jr’s Draft Kings team, what attracts Jennings to Tove Lo, how likely is it that Iggy hooks up with Mrs. SWB, could he get Gaga to drop a Free Dotem, Plowsy is firing on all cylinders with his drops today, more fantasy golf conversation, back to Tove Lo and pansexuality, Jeff Passan irked the BFIB’s with his HOT Hall of Fame takes, with the recent appreciation for defense how did Jim Edmonds not stay on the ballot past one year, Edmonds HR in Game 6 against the Astros was the loudest Busch II ever was according to Tim, examining Yadi’s case for Cooperstown, BFIB’s are burning up our text inbox, The Cat punches our Lemmings Gong, talking Fan Page factions, Email of the Day.