TMA – Segment 3: Flat breaking down sports radio news & EOTD

The Cat has responded to Tim’s tweet about Stanton, Jay and Iggy discuss their tweets about food, explaining why pro golfers always wear a full pant rather than shorts, accommodating Goat Boy’s musical request, Iggy knows Jack Wagner, reviewing Jason Barrett’s new Under the Radar column, teachers at Mizzou are making upwards of $200K, is Doug sideways with Caller Ellen, continuing the nude beach conversation, Jay wants to know Barrett’s business model, #FunWithAudio from WFAN yesterday with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie filling in for Francesa, why would anyone want to purchase the Marlins, discussing the HR Derby ratings and golfers, Jay has passionate takes on the Marlins stadium and fan base, debating famous high school alumni, when was Iggy’s last relationship, Hotshots Email of the Day.