TMA – Segment 3: Embracing HOT takes, fry dippings, and EOTD

Plowsy has been challenged to play more Communards, have any of us been to Citi Field, Iggy stories, attempting to find Strode’s article from 1987, #FunWithAudio of Skip Bayless debating Skip Bayless, what will the Cardinals outfield configuration tonight, Doug wants the team to call up more Memphis players, if the media just asked louder questions would the club win more, Doug continues spitting red hot Redbird takes, now Vaughn takes aim at Lonzo Ball and Mizzou’s twitter account, Doug loses steam talking Roger Federer but picks up the pace on Venus Williams, we just witnessed the birth of FS1 Doug, we could call it The Comment Section show, power ranks of French fry dipping sauces, what exactly is garlic aioli, should you continue talking on your Blue Tooth in the bathroom, why hasn’t Plowsy started watching Game of Thrones, how prepared is Tim for the Boy King’s arrival, WWE legend John Cena says he shaves his entire body everyday, armpit tattoos are the latest rage, is our app loud enough, Hotshots Email of the Day.