TMA – Segment 3: Deke Dotem wants to work under Barrett

Iggy has more AVN stories, why did our friend Ariana Marie bail on all her interviews, Manuel collected more hardware, Iggy is frustrated with Biff, Hayes really enjoys our newest drop of Nina Hartley, more tales from the adult convention, Olive + Oak has delivered some culinary delights, Fun with Audio from the Barstool chicks, Plowsy is devouring his burger and saves the pickles for dessert, Grammy’s conversation, Iggy gushes about Gaga’s breasts, reading Barrett’s latest tweet, Dotem applied for a job working under Jason Barrett, Deke is helping program Doug’s future KMOV segments, updating the situation with Tom Brady and WEEI, Spags called the Patriots cheaters, checking in with Caller Adam, Captain Jack confronted Iggy, Email of the Day.