TMA – Segment 3: Caller Adam, Kelly Chase, and #EOTD

We miss Joshua, The Cat takes an opportunity to sing, can Doug wear his ankle bracelet when floating, we should do a bus tour of all our sponsors, Caller Adam is calling out Tom Schmidt of Salt + Smoke, Iggy is on the defensive regarding Anna Benson, she claims not to have an address, discussing the films Glengarry Glen Ross and Any Given Sunday, Iggy says there’s a lot of dong on The Deuce, Chaser is on the phone and isn’t happy with us, Mrs. Chase had a surprise B-day party get ruined, The Cat flat breaks down Ice Guardians, Doug has good launch angle with his gong strikes today, what is up with teams firing their managers after an incredibly successful season, will Mrs. Ballsack be in attendance tonight, Hotshots Email of the Day.